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    In my attempt to make the longest train I could, I got the coal, iron ore and steelmill producing 400 finally. But is that it? Will it go higher or is that all I can expect to get from the industries? So the longest trains I got so far are 6 cars but can probably go to 8. Whoopie, and I’m not saying that excitingly. The most I can get to load decent for goods is 4 cars long. Again whoopie.

    For a game called Train Fever one would think you’d be able to make some long trains hauling a LOT of cargo. Right now, the highest is 78 pieces of coal or iron, 13 per car. So how heavy is that anyway? Surely it’s not 13 tons. Well, here’s a screenshot of the production. I even got the achievement, Mass Production.

    And that’s another thing. When I got the achievement, it just said an achievement has been reached. To find out which one it was, I have to go into steam to find out. I had Steam online too because I was waiting to see what one I got for it. I normally run it in offline mode.


    well, if you deliver 78 items per load and your mill consumes 400 per year, your frequency for the lines should be about 140 seconds. if you make it so that the frequency is 520 seconds (3 times less frequent), you should still be within 20 minutes limit to be able to deliver the materials, and you can haul 3 times more items per train (234 or so). to achieve that, use less trains, or use slower trains, or haul materials from further source (or some combination of those). I hope you get the idea..


    Is that a Geep or some sort i see ?….. Where did you get it ??…..





    Yes. They are part of the Chessie set from Dekosoft that I converted to TF.

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    Completely agree with OP. I did the same, reached 400 with a factory just to have a long train finally (I needed to deliver the goods to 6 different cities) and still the longest train had only 6 cars. Very disappointing.


    What is the capacity of the modded wagons? In my games I use 11 wagon trains ( total capacity: 143) for the maxed coal and iron mines with wait for “full load any” orders. I could as well use longer ones but those are exactly as long as the short platforms.

    And, as you can see in the picture, such trains work well even for not so developed industries.

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    Today, I wanted to see what I could get for a long train. I destructed the stations and place the longest station at each industry. Being able to build and/or destruct while paused is one of the best features of the game, IMO. I make 2 trains for each with 2 locos and 23 cars, max load 345. The cars carry 15 each, 3 above the default wagon. I tried 25 cars but the first engine and last car disappeared when loading. That sucks. But it’s a start.

    So here’s a pic of both coal and iron ore trains unloading at the steelmill. I like how they show the loads moving when loading and unloading now. 🙂


    hey Tatto


    there two option to make the train longer

    1. Reduce the capacity o your waggons

    2. or use this midifikation



    But I have now an other question .


    I our forum ( train-fever.net) is some of modder they build american locomotive and now I see amercian waggons in your screenshot.( iron and coal/container waggons)


    Did you build it on your own ? I would be happy to see you maybe in our forum




    A really nice thankyou beforehand for your answer.


    best wishes


    Norman Pohl



    Is there a formula regardin:

    production / transport capacity / frequency

    to know how many wagons you need for speciffic production or what frequency is good to have?


    If you want to be as efficient as possible you will have to first adjust the frequency of your route and then capacity of your trains.

    To adjusting frequency you have to take one thing into consideration and only one thing. That is the 20 minute rule meaning than whatever will be traveling it has to reach its destination within 20 minutes or the travel will not happen. How the travel time and frequency are related I explained here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/304730/discussions/0/616188677675455825/?tscn=1411319584 and continued here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/304730/discussions/0/616188677675455825/?tscn=1411332516

    When you have that taken care of you make the train have more capacity than factory can produce in the time equal to the frequency. How much more capacity it should have? It depends on how much you expect production of the factory to grow in the future and how much the frequency will drop due to loading and unloading times.

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