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    Will be in Train Fever some historical events influence to game’s economy? Primarily I mean world wars and oil prices.

    For example, here you can see graph of oil prices since 1861 year:

    Starting from this in global mod for CiM we made the next prices to fuel:

    1920-1938 – 1,3
    1939-1950 – 2,0 (WW2)
    1951-1955 – 1,3
    1956-1975 – 0,7
    1976-1981 – 2,0 (conflict in the Middle East)
    1982-1983 – 1,5
    1984-1995 – 1,3
    1996-1999 – 0,7 (Asian economic crisis)
    2000-2005 – 1,3
    2006-2008 – 1,8 (oil crisis)
    2009-2012 – 1,4 (economic crisis)
    2013-2020 – 1,8

    Price of electricity is more evenly (0.5-0.9).


    From point of view of gameplay this means: before the WW2 electrotransport is more profitable than diesel (I about trams\trolleys and buses of course, on railroads in this time still steam era); after WW2 the fuel price decreases and buses become more profitable, so IRL in 1950-1980 in Europe was closed lot of tram and trolleybus networks. But after this fuel price rising again and in XXI Century we can see “tram renaissance”, when trams and other electrotransport become more profitable than transport on diesel fuel.

    So, will be in Train Fever something like this?

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