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    ” your lines must connect strategic points” 

    Also, if you are going to build a freight station, do it near the industrial zone so the goods don´t need to walk a long way to their destination.


    Oh ok, thanks. I was wondering because I’ve seen NO maps in train Fever which would be nice to have…


    I think it doesnt matter if goods need to walk to their destination. Its there already.

    Its all about accessibility:

    Residences must easily access commercial (shop), industrial (job) and leisure places. If a house is near or can access those places fast it will be attractive. More people live there, higher the building will be.

    And the opposite for commercial, industrial and leisure.

    But the fact that Yeol had a town growing faster than the one served is an indication of a problem. I also have an example posted somewhere else. A town with inside transport grow the same as a town without any inside transport.

    So I guess with our infrastructure, train station, roads bulldoze etc, you are disrupting the town instead of helping 🙂 For instance a rail track will hardly receive anything in the other side. Its like a fence.

    This should be adjusted. I hope won’t be another thing like CiM 2, where passenger AI is broke and will never be fixed.


    What i noticed, besides everything is said here, is that cities (no matter where ur bus/tramlines go) will tend to expand around the trainstation. Even on the OTHER side of it (that people need to walk all around the station to get there).


    This makes no sense as there are mostly numerous bus and tramlines going everywhere in the town. Building houses near those tram/bus lines would make much more sense as they need to travel shorter to any given destination on the map (even in the same town).

    Ive played alot of games and still some things about city growth are not clear to me, or just do not make sense.


    there should be stations with exits at both sides of the rails. stations with more then 1 platform already have tunnels underneath them to get the passengers to the middle platforms. it should be easy to make an exit on the other side also


    Hey guys,


    Ok couple things I found out,

    the reason of the towns are growing fast is because they may be getting cargo delivered to them from local industries. I found a city that has grown really quickly was because there was oil well and oil refinery close to each other they were producing a small amount of goods and walking them to station. if you look at the bottom right of your screen with layers button. You will find a button saying Cargo and one saying Land Use. have them both selected, and you can see your goods going from your good station to the industrial area’s. It seems they are walked from goods station the blue industrial area’s. So trick is build your good stations as close too your industrial as possible.


Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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