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    Sorry about my poor english, cuz its not my primary language.

    heres some ideas for balancing trucks and trains issue.


    1. increase cities industrial consume rate. 3 or 4 times larger.

    and, lower shipping costs according to increasing of quantitiy.

    it will make motive for material dilivery for train.

    for now, cargo train is totally useless.

    if you using over 1950 train, you never make a profit with trains because of quantities of materials and cost of maintenance.


    2. increase speed of changing productivity.

    when using trains, its breakpoint are at least over 100 productivity.

    player will lost his huuuge money, when productivity become 100.


    3. remove 20mins rule for players material dilivery. and 20mins to 10mins for AI material dilivery.

    trains allocation interval is way long than trucks.

    when you using 2 trains for decrese of allocation interval, you will lost your money. in this game, no mine, factory have 2 trains amount of productivity 🙁

    and, in real life, materials owner patience is way greater than passenger.


    4. make minimum and maximum shipping costs for materials.

    when you remove 20mins for players material dilivery.

    player will attempt to using maximum diliver distance in defiance of short distance.

    It could be silly mechanism.

    if you make limit of material shipping costs.

    player will linking short distance facility first.

    5. adujust trains, trucks maintenance cost.

    trucks are absolutely efficient now.

    when you carryaing same amout of cargos, and if trains have fullload,

    trains must be way cheaper means of transportation.

    but, trains expensive every situation now.

    even if full of cargo, trains have over 2times of maintenance cost per trucks.


    6. decrease mines and factory.

    there are too many mines and factory.

    players want to challenge longer dilivery service sometimes.


    7. change industrials and factory goods mechanism.

    If there are just oil well and oil refinery.

    Players no need to connect other supply line.

    Because industries needs only goods, and every factory produce only goods. and factory and mines have actually infinite productivity.



    Increase material productivity for trains and cost balancing for it.

    Changing material dilivery time rules for players material transport business.

    Adjust maintenance cost for, unrealistic maintenance cost between trucks and trains for now.


    Train fever has great potential.

    I recommand developers to show concern about gameplays more.

    At present, it is actually not a game.

    Impossible to lose money with cargo trucks.

    Impossible to overwhelm trucks with trains.

    Players do just makeing cargolines with trucks.
    Remember, if players do misjudge, player must lose his money.

    Its the minimum condition of game for adults.

    We are not childrens. (or maybe.)

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