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    I dont see a suggestions sub forum so I guess I’ll post it here and hope the developers actually read the forums…

    So far I’m loving the game, I have a $60m + empire and have over 10 cities connected with thousands of people using my trains every day and its glorious but during my time spent in game I can see several changes that need to put in very quickly if I intend for my game to keep going well

    Please please please! give us the ability to upgrade stations, I’m tired of having to go through the hassle of bulldozing a station and rebuilding it only to have problem after problem with it..

    Another thing, I’ve reached 1980 and I have the TFV unlocked, its a fantastic train but none of my much more antiquated lines cant use it so please for the love of this game can we get the ability to upgrade our existing tracks to high speed tracks without having to delete and rebuild.. I may have $60m+ but I dont really wanna justify spending millions on new tracks as it will probably cripple my current monopoly and bankrupt me long before I ever see a return of profit..

    Finally, please fix the error notifications & fix the tutorial.. Do you have any idea how long I got stuck on the “unable to find path to stop” error at the start before I stupidly realised I didn’t have a locomotive to pull the train?! and even now in my current game I am getting the error and I dont know what’s causing it… We NEED better understanding of the errors

    All that said, thanks for all the hard work that’s been put into the game.. its given me days of fun already and will continue to do so with or without these changes (they will however make the game a much better experience)




    Oh also the ability to lay double tracks… Hella annoying having to lay each track on a 2 platform line one at a time


    We need *moar* trains, bus, trams and so on.


    As a priority I’d like to see what I mentioned first before new trains, buses, trams and the like.. I’m happy with what we have in the game already


    Are you kidding?
    You’re really forgetting to purchase a locomotive and wonder, why the trains won’t drive?
    Is this post meant to be satire or what?


    Not all Azrael & I’m not the only one thats made that mistake, I’ve seen a few people posting here and on steam that they didn’t realise that either and yes it is rather stupid that I made a simple mistake like that but we are all entitled to making mistakes regardless of how retarded they are

    I have no idea what you mean by if this post is meant to be satire or what? So please show me where any of my suggestions for improving the game are so?




    Its about the fact that the ‘errors’ dont exactly tell what the error is. If a train has nothing to pull it, and in the window it says “unable to find path”, its just ineffective.

    He means in general, errors should be explained more.


    @Azrael why are you so aggressive in many of your posts on this forum? The OP has  a point… the feedback provided to the player through the UI is rather poor, not only when it is about depots, trains, routes but also when it’s about building the darn tracks…


    I dont think he intends to be aggressive, I honestly laugh at myself for not realising something as simple as that.. but it happens.

    Though I entirely agree with @nickos111 and @steveb


    I think the number of trains is just fine for a non expationpack game… but with a expansion i want to be able to choice train i steed if just having one that is the best. Having compeating traits like low cost vs low maintanens, high speed vs high pullingpower and so on.

    I think the game is more simular to Transport tycoon than Locomotion, and i miss a lot of things from locomotion.  What i really miss is modular stations. In Trainfever it could be really cool makeing station that is in a turn, or a terminus station, a multi level station (like Berlin station), or a underground one.

    Underground corssings am i missing to (is it possible?)

    The signaling interface is to me confusing. Its not quite clear.

    A autsolution to conflict problem when the trains get stuck up (front to front for example).

    A block line vehicle switching system.

    What i really want to is scenarios. Sounds kind of silly, but i want a more organized map with specific problems to solve. The reandom maps dont give me the same forfilling as a scenario map. I really loved the locomotion scenario maps. It could be a community effort.

    The time and economic system needs some tweeking to…

    Some additional economics. I realy want there to be a possibility to push retch. Where you can for example found a international project and then get top of the line engines and cars in steed of the standard ones. This would be a great way to expand the library of trains

    The game is good, but it feels like a little of a half a game, yes its cheep, but its still the point. It basically only have sandbox mode.



    1: Modular stations
    2: Better underground bulding (the one in CIM is great.

    3: More clear interface with better fault decription

    For a future expansion (i rather take a full $20 expansion in front of a lot of smal DLC:s, the problem with DLC is that they mostly just provide more stuff that you can get from moding compunity anyway, but no new game funktion, that what i thing is what we really need).
    1: Scenarios
    2: More in game trains (can just import them from the comunity but sort away the bad stuff, would be okey to me)
    3: Tweeked economic system
    4:New economic gameplay, like resch and upgrades. Where you can get a like B version of a engine with diffrent gearing or more effeicent engine.


    One thing annoying me is the lack of support for the mixed train. Before we had DHL and their like it was common for local passenger trains to have one or more boxcars carrying packets and crates. People sent goods that were too bulky for the mail by train (and to some extent by buses). The distinction between goods and freight is important – one is individual units and the other is whole carloads.

    It should be possible to handle goods both at a freight station and a passenger station – but not at an unmanned passenger stop if they get around to implementing that.


    I agree that the game needs better error messages. My stupid mistake was that I wanted to start a train, and got the message “Waiting for free path”, so I assumed something is blocking the track. It took a while until I realized that the only problem is that the game is paused, and once I let it run again, the train started moving 🙂

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