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    I read in one of the posts below that industry chains need  to start out small scale and then build up.

    I have a logging camp connected to a sawmill with one truck going back and forth but the logging camp does not seemed to be stimulated at all.

    Does the product output of the Sawmill have to be delivered to a town before the logging camp will start to increase output??


    Production only begins to accumulate if factories in towns increase their demand for the resources and if they get delivered under the arbitrary time limit of 20 minutes travel-time.

    you need to therefore supply the resources fully from logging camp to the saw And from the saw to the town factories because (unless youre lucky) cargo itself travels too slow from the mill to the factories to come under 20 minute arbitrary rule, which means that you have to supply the whole goods chain with your preffered transport system so that goods get transported in time.


    Is the 20 minutes rule applicable to each step of the chain or to the whole chain ? I mean 20 minutes to transport logs to sawmill + 20 minutes to transport goods from sawmill to city or 20 minutes for both ?


    I believe that the 20min rule applies to each section separately.   Otherwise it would be unworkable!



    I’m just gonna confirm what Norfolk_Chris said. It is 20 min per step, from the forrester to the sawmill is one step.

    I also recommend that you focus on 1 town per time in order to let the production level of the forrester and sawmill to increase to the point it haults it’s production. Which will take a while of in-game time since it only increases it’s production level by 1 unit per month (both of them increases by 1 individually).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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