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    Marius, did you make these 3d models yourself? or did you convert them to work with this game?


    Mainly because the series 500 is a mesh & texture were both created by me & released for TRS2006.  Also the series 700 was model/mesh was released by another author at the same sort of time…….  Not cool to claim it as something you have created.


    ^Link to the work?


    Hello! I’m Yuki and I liked your E233 soo much I made some repaints if you would like in order to redistribute them. So far I have made the E233 Tokaido Line (no double decker car) and a fictional Red and Blue repaint.



    My Repaint pics:

    Tokaido Line:


    Fictional Line (Could be converted to Saikyo Line):


    Yokohama Line:

    Due to photo software issues needs to be redone.

    Chuo Line:



    More repaints will be made and screenshots will be put up along with the fixed Yokohama line. The Yokohama line will have the logos installed onto the repaint. NOTE: All repaints made by me will also have the priority seating sticker on the back windows of each car.


    The repaints will have links to a download PROVIDING, that marius gives permission. As there is no notice on re uploading, if there is no reply by marius by 1 week of this posting (show above message) a download link will be provided without the permission of the original owner. However, because of this, links may be removed. I would like the help of people wanting these repaints in order to help bring this as being noticed by marius as from what I can see, this thread is years old. A new thread will be made regarding these repaints.


    Yuki (Maker of the repaints)

    P.S. The repaint thread will be named E233 repaints. Also a thread may also be created on the transport fever forums aswell.

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    Yokohama Line Repaint Pic:

    Tokaido Line Repaint Pic:

    Chuo Line Repaint Pic:

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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