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    During playing geme, some vehicles become lifetime and replace message appearing.

    Is there any penalty for continue using?

    Is there any way to replace them quickly?(its annoying to do “go to depot>sell>buy>set in line” to all vehicles)


    1. The maintenance cost for a vehicle grows as it gets older. Once it reaches its lifetime that is usually around 50-60% above normal.

    2. Open line menu – Send all vehicles on line to depot to sell ($ icon), go to depot and build/buy new vehicles and set all to same line. Done.


    Setting them all at once to the same line makes them run behind eachother. I dont know the effects ingame (as i think the average time of travelling is counted, not the longest single waiting time. So the time for 1 train to complete its line devided by the number of trains running that line. Doesnt matter what the time between those trains is).

    But i dont like to see 3 busses or something running behind eachother. its ineffective as the last will just be empty.


    Vehicles will spread themselves out over time though, Nick. Try it out yourself – Buy 10 buses on a city ring line and see how they slowly move apart from each other to form a high frequency line…


    The spacing only applies to buses, trucks and trams but NOT to trains…


    Trains will spread out aswell if they are the same train with same amount of carriages etc, and if you have signals down the line


    trains will ALWAYS try to be one signal behind another, which makes spacing a difficult task. Too many signals over the line, and the trains will be too close together. Not enough signals and they might wait too long on one another. I’d really like to see the trains space out alot automatically if you have a double-track setup with alot of signals on both sides, but i don’t think we’ll see this. It is possible to space out trains but it is difficult to do.

    and vehicle maintenance appears to increase infinitely, so eventually it becomes a no-brainer to upgrade


    Thats how it works in RL, if your trains don’t space up, you screwed up with the signalling.
    Thats what makes the game interesting, that it’s not designed for Childs like a Sid Meiers Railroads.


    no thats not how it works, real trains operate according to atimetable, which we don’t have in TF.

    if you have multiple lines sharing the same track, then you need much more signals and thus trains on one line get jammed up because the first trains has longer loading times than the ones closely following it.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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