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    Just thought I would start a topic about the good parts of the game as I think a lot of these are being overlooked giving an unnecessarily bad view of Train Fever.  I pre-ordered the game after watching a lot of beta gameplay footage as I was impressed with the concept and what the development team had already put together.  I know there are issues which people would like to see ironed out but some of the negative comments seem rather unfair given what has been achieved – long wishlists are easy to make up with endless “i want this and didnt get it therefor it must be rubbish…” posts.

    So, to start off with, here are a few things I like about the game – maybe we can capture some more positive feedback about what we do like about the game so that the community can grow rather than all doom and gloom…

    Graphics – I do like the style of the graphics and some of the little touches which make the world seem more alive, such as “proper” people going about their business and things like the increase in steam when an engine makes more effort.

    Track laying – I know some people will disagree and yes it would be nice to have waypoints, more signal types etc etc as per OTTD.  I think the initial experience it pretty good for a fully 3d track-laying system – comparing it to OTTD with incarnations for nearly 20 years is never going to fair well but that just has to deal with simple cells to show junctions, not to work out all the geometry and infinite ways people may want to stretch tracks around.  Once you get used to the limitations of current track-laying I’ve been able to create some pretty satisfying layouts which function pretty well.

    The developers – No, I’m not a fan-boy, I only found out about the game a couple of weeks ago but I have been impressed in the beta stage about how the devs respond to feedback and requests and how quickly they are resolving problems, there may only be 3 of them but that should mean they are not involved in politics like in larger organisations – I wish them well and hope that this is enough of a success to see it develop and blossom the game it can be.


    just registered to say that i agree, this game has a HUGE potential, if developers keep working on this(polishing missing features/bugs, adding new content and mainly multiplayer later) … this game might be the new king

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