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    I am playing in a big map about 40 train lines and 6 tram lines  but the game is not playable… :/
    This lagging a lot and the fps is dropping and when I built the rail then the game is loading for a long time… I try it with low settings but this didn’t change…  I have AMD R9 270x gpu with Fx 8350 8x4ghz cpu 8g RAM memory with a new hdd with 500 gb free space with windows 8.1 64bit, AMD Catalyst 14.9… (I think my pc is enough for this game with the high settings)

    This will be solved in the next update?  I really hope because this is one of my favourite game and I want to continue playing.  About when the next update will be available?

    (Sorry for my Englis)

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    Skumle Rafte

    My system is far lower spec’ed than yours (I do run 16gb ram though), and although laggy after a an hour of play or so, its nowhere unplayable.

    Hope for you they fix it, as your PC should run it finely


    My biggest problem that I need about two hour to me build a new rail line :/


    They say they are confident of being able to deliver performance improvements so I have my fingers crossed for some kind of miracle improvement 🙂

    My post with the same issue:



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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