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    Hi all

    I was very excited when I bought this game

    I have to say its a good game with nice gameplay and graphics

    However the game quality is just 0 out of 10

    I am using a 2013 macbook air core i5 with 4 gb of ram which is clearly in the minimum specs and I found the gaming experience to be just horrible

    Here you can find the issues (mostly blockers) I’ve encountered with playing this game on mac os:

    1) I noticed right away that the game does not support trackpad gestures like 4 finger swap, no support for cmd+tab too. So I cant even tab this game and chat in facebook, simply crazy

    2) I started by saving 3 games to take a look at the map size and terrain generated. I tried loading one of the saved games, got to 100%, music changes and then – nothing. Game just freezes. With combination of issue 1 the only way to resolve this error is by powering of the macbook. This is even crazier then point 1

    3) I created another save, played for 1 hour when all of the sudden, guess what ? The game freezes at the end of the month. Again, no other way to resolve this other than restart the macbook. Next time it was ok and I managed to go further in time

    4) Keyboards are not functional right after you the map is loaded. First I have to left and right mouse click and then, sometimes, the keyboard keys like q,w,e,r start to function. Never ever bumped into a similar bug before

    5) Sometimes the X at the top right of the windows is not functional, need to save game, go to main menu and reload the map. But hey, this is not so bad as points 1-4

    6) After 40 hours of gameplay I made it to 1925. I’ve had HUNDREDS, repeat, HUNDREDS of powering off the macbook  procedures. And now, the final error which puts and end to me playing this game is this:

    I made it to february 1925 and at the end of month I am getting the freeze I described in point 3. The difference here is that no matter how much times I restart my macbook the game always freezes on february 28 1925. Guess it must’ve been a date when time literally stopped in history

    Dear developers

    I thank you for creating a fun game with awesome music, nice graphics and cool gameplay. However, you should have did some smoke testing for mac. I can’t believe you guys haven’t noticed the bugs I described here for a year after the release. Thats just shame. I feel myself like an alpha tester. I still have my problem saves, if you are willing to take a look into my issues I can upload it

    I just want to know will you guys be fixing these issue and make this game playable on macbook air or should there be no hope?

    Thanks, James Alexandrov


    Dear James!

    I´m sorry to hear, that you cannot enjoy Train Fever as it was intended.

    We took note of your stability problems some time ago and tried to reproduce and analyses it on our hardware. As you correctly stated, not the game freezes, but the system itself. Therefore we got in touch with Apple and fielded a bug report, but are since waiting for solution from their side.

    In addition to that the Mac book Air 2013 does run on an Intel graphics chip, which is unfortunately not officially supported by the game.

    Please be assured that we are trying our best to get the game working properly for everybody.

    Best regards

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    • This reply was modified 8 years ago by Tom.
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