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    I found a bug that is preventing road from being removed even if there are 2 by passes.

    As it can be seen in the picture, two bypasses are available, one on left (via bridge) and another on right, but still its showing main connection error


    Not a bug, your bypass roads are too far from it, there is a limit how far apart they can be.


    @Simonmd, I tried to build a shorter bypass and it worked. Not a bug but probably a flaw. I had to demolish lots of buildings in the town to do.

    I think this requires fixing. The game should treat any bypass as a bypass.



    Yes and no. A bypass can’t add too much to travel time either, it needs to be roughly the same time. You could try building that right hand side bypass completely with country roads and as they have higher speed, it probably would work then.


    It has nothing to do with “travel time”. I’ve made bypass to make sure there was no competition between industries.

    What I understand is that it has some parameters to accept the bypass. (Terrain tilt, angle to destination, …)


    Ive never had 2 roads who was main connection between the same 2 spots. Usually the new road i made becomes main connection the minute i delete the old road. It seems like the game does not care about anything except that there must at least be a road connection between the factories and the city they belong to and a road between cities.. Sometimes the connection point of a factory (where goods spawn) isnt where you think it might be, and make the new start the wrong place. I dont have any problems with main connections so far. Anyways gl hf =P


    To my experience, the bypass may not include “foreign” intersections, nor may it bypass foreign intersections. The intersections immediately before and after the sections bypassed have to be those for the bypass itself, and the bypass may not contain an intersection between the intersections on the main connection. (sorry for the fussy explanation. It’s more difficult to explain then to do)

    I did never had issues, but sometimes it’s a challenge to get it done, in a positive way.

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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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