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    I have an idea. in stock ottd how many tiles does the “a4” steam engine go in 3 minutes at 120km/h?

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    It’s not about magic, douglas … you’re talking map size when I talk “Scale” of the map.

    Maybe the map is huge , as you say.

    huge , but a 16km x 16km square.

    I’m talking about building a railroad empire !

    I just think Train Fever is more building a town and it’s suburban , than to link the two coast of the U.S.A , as in RRT2 …. but that’s fine , i’m not telling it’s bad , it’s just different of what i thought ….



    gcampono, they aren’t doing multiplayer or AI right away because they don’t want TF to end up like CiM; they are focusing on actually getting a working game out at a good time instead of rushing AI and multiplayer in.

    Also, if you actually read “more and more” you should have noticed that the devs have confirmed multiplayer and AI, but if you only care about those at release, then wait to get the game or just don’t get it.

    Train Fever is a tycoon game, just because it doesn’t have competitors doesn’t mean it’s going to follow the same path CiM has.


    ok. a train going about 120 km/h takes about 3 min to cross 1/3 of the smallest TF map.


    @rorovant: I didn’t want to be rude. My point is that the “scale” is bound to your imagination. In RRT2 you had maps covering the entire world, you would see Paris, Berlin, a huge ocean and New York etc. At the same time you had maps with only one country showing more details of each city and sometimes even maps of 1 state.

    That is the case. The scale of the map is bound to the zoom. You can fit the entire world or just one country as you wish, depending on the amount of details you want to show.


    At this point , nothing will stop me from buying Train Fever as soon as it’s out.

    Like you say, in RRT2 there already were map of big size , but representing only one state or country…

    As far as i can build railroads , i’ll be happy 🙂



    Is 16 x 16 km the final limit or might we get larger maps in the future?


    Now that the NDA is finished , could one of the beta tester tells me about the map size ?

    What is it like, when you choose the bigger available ? How many tows ? In the different video on youtube , it seems they always choose a small map. Would love to see a huge one in action.






    Currently you can choose Small, Medium and Large. A medium map have around 15 towns and a large map have around 27 towns.

    I really don’t miss anything larger than that. There is really a lot to do. Currently I have 36 hours of game and I never filled a Medium map (didn’t play Large maps for long, just for test). Basically once you connect 3 to 5 towns you start to worry about feeding them with goods and that is a lot of work. Also the network around the cities become complex and you have to worry about signals etc. And then when you take care of that, the towns have much more people and you need to increase capacity. And then high speed tracks are available and you would want to upgrade and setup a TGV for those towns.

    I think to fill a large map and say: ok there is nothing to be done anymore, it will take a lot of time. Specially because the cities are growing and the industries production are changing, so you need to adapt to those.

    Also I’m able to setup 3 to 4 tram lines for each town. I think that was the same amount I used in Locomotion cities.

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    Thanks you for you answer douglas !

    25-30 Towns seems very comfortable to me , even more with your description of the city growth.

    I’d love to hibernate until the 5th of september …


    Thanks again.


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