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    Dear everyone,

    I have been playing on my current map for a while now, started in 1850 and it is now almost 1940.
    My cities are doing great, the middle city has a population of almost 700 ant the others 400-500.

    Now, At this moment I am using a system that makes me quite some money. I am still using steam trains, but I am planning to upgrade everything to electric soon to reduce travel speed. Anyway, at this moment my train lines have some issues regarding efficiency.

    This is a screenshot of my map.








    And here I added my current system:

    All lines have trains moving in both directions, the blue and green ones are the most important ones (4 trains clockwise, 4 trains counter clockwise).

    The problem is that the yellow and pink lines are not profitable, not even with only one train. The track where the blue and green ones are overlapping are also too full with trains (not enough travellers to fill the trains).

    Feel free to design a new system that is efficient (non overlapping other lines), well structured (as many directly connected cities as possible) and that offer low travel time.

    Adding extra train tracks are allowed 😀

    Thank you in advance.



    sry , i’m not good in english and i’m not sure to understand properly

    you have 2 loop , blue and green with double track right ?

    and three line (also double track ?) yellow ,pink , and red

    (use the line menu instead of paint , this will be way easier )

    and the yellow and pink lines aren’t profitable , how is the frequency on those line ?


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    Everything is double track, and the green and blue are loops indeed.

    The yellow and pink lines have only one train (fast 100km/h trains).

    here is a new overview with better lines:

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    ah thx , this is easier to understand

    so the city right in the midle is a HUB ? , one station (5 track ?) covering the blue , the red and the yellow line ?

    cause in this case , if your blue line have good frequency (less than 2 min) , ppl will use the yellow line to reach the HUB , then take the blue line right ? making the pink line totaly useless

    what about the red line covering the city terminus of the yellow line , ppls use this line insted of the other maybe cause there is more frequency ? , i don’t understand the meaning of the yellow line then cause that cover less city than the red line , with probably more waiting time (in both side btw)

    the only thing i need to know is the frequency of the yellow line in this case , cause if there is 20 min waiting time , of course ppl will not use it


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    well in fact , this isn’t that much easier to understand , so i’ve just change the first representation is this the correct path of each line ? :

    do you have a 6 track section going from the “Hub” to the yellow / pink terminus (woodley) ? (I hope not )

    if the red line make a stop at the Hub (St Ives) i think the best solution is to remove the pink AND the yellow line , ppl will use the red line to reach the HUB then the blue line to Shaffesbury

    unless Woodley isn’t the terminus for those two line ?

    if there is more city bellow shatfestbury , make a third loop using the pink line , add St Ives in the path (to reach the HUB) and remove the yellow line


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