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    hello  to all mod makers

    we need 2 types of new buses 1 medium that carry 60 to 70 passengers

    2 larger bus that can carry 80 to 120 passengers  the bus after 2000

    only carry’s 18 passengers at a time  in my game I had to put 9 of this type bus on one  bus route

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    You could by just copy pasteing the .lua file for the longest bus then edit it to have it carry more passengers


    I do not know how to do that


    Which is why ive been planning a new mod for train fever that adds upgraded trains, buses etc. Ofcourse without new models cuz whe can’t do so yet without hacking it in ive heard some tryeing.

    Atleast i want to make a simple mod that adds new types of vehicles that have higher power, less maintenance, more efficient capacity(yes it may seem unrealistic at first, but then it its not, take a search about those seats which are planned to be put on planes which have people to stand nearly straight up instead of sitting! ) And more 😉



    Like this would be nice 😀



    I’d like to see a Double decker, maybe a Routemaster in the game 🙂

    Maicom MR

    Hello everyone, I’m making a modpack with a lot of buses(Vehicles from south America), I Will realease to beta on fewdays.

    you can find the page of my mod HERE.


    I plan to add the BRTS (Brazilian long urban bus) to the mod, but first I’m creating road.

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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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