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    I agree with Yeol! If you have a two stations with much longer distance in beetween you could ad a single in the middle of the track. This would lower the frequency. The trick to the game is too play it simple 🙂



    Quote “My question is.. how many signals and where should I place them to have trains spreaded on entire network? I don’t want that two trains come to a city one after another. Currently I have signals only in front and behind stations … works more or less ok .. but is not optimal, because distance between cities is not equal and some trains waits to much time.   … any advice?”

    I usually use this setup between 2 cities, 1 line, two trains going back and forward with a sidding pass more or less between two cities. First I send one train and when it gets to the end of the line, I send the other. That means they will meet each other half way between cities, the reason to create the sidding pass there. Don’t forget to put the signals inside the sidding pass on the right side before the junctions. If sometimes one of the trains suffers a delay because it tool longer to empty/fill with passengers, usually the sidding pass will reset the times and one train waits for the other keeping both trains separated and evenly sparsed.


    I have actually taken an approach that I have not read about on here. I placed a large 5 track train in a place on the map that is relatively equidistant from 5 cities. Then connected all five cities to this one HUB. Any passenger can get from any city to another by using the center Hub. Each city has an internal bus system that feeds the train as well as bus service to the next one or two closest cities. The cities that are out past these initial five are connected to the existing station in each city. Once this was done i focused on Goods. Rather than connecting tons of goods producers I focus on one. Connect it to three cities that are close and feed it. It will start upgrading and hit a limit of 400 but producing just over 200. Then I tweak the system and let the cities grow. They will have headroom as they start to demand a few more goods here and there, the goods manufacturer will be able to compensate. Then I spread outwards from there. Goods can be moved from one station to another before being sent to the final destination so I try to create overlapping networks. For example :

    Station A feeds goods to station B and C which are cities.

    Station D feeds goods to cities C and E.

    C is a shared city goods stop – Goods can go from A to E by sitting at C for a short amount of time and then continuing on and Visa Versa. In this way if a city grows, the flow of goods can by dynamic.



    Hey – I love that idea of a hub.  Going to try that too.  Nice!

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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