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    this will never work correctly in the game the last 2 cargo mod made where no goods where being made

    and carried by trains and trucks I went bankrupted less than 2 years of game play


    it was late .. and i must be experiment to share the link ..

    maetel: this is a problem of balancing .. that needs a update..
    and sorry maetel i know games who this cargo mod peferktly works .. see openttd ” firs-mods”
    train fever have a wonderful platform .. and to perfectly the game it´s a hard and long way..



    Wow. YOu made this Artan? Its very nice and complex. Too bad it won’t work in TF never. Because the way cargo is done in the game. The entire chain must be connected to work. If it was like Locomotion than would be great.

    Another reason is that new industries never appear in the map. So adding more types of industry only means less type of each. Eventually you will get no type of one industry and never be able to fullfill the chain.


    Cargo mod works perfectly. But most people don’t understand that in TF the entire chain must be linked. That was said in the guide in CAPS LOCK and TWICE.


    Hi douglas. this is not my work this is the cargo list by openttd firs mods. I do not understand what with the whole ones chains is meant. at the moment only one is suggest in this time this is for ideas one would need. I think thats is quite well possible. they would have to play cards be bigger. and the industries appear not all at the same time., besides, which are only in the future from 1950. In 1970. appear at 2000. Aand the dependence and the calculation are absolutely possible. Train fever is in the children’s shoes. and as said it is one, however, work still there.. Maybe for train fever 2. it one had to do for the complexity of the cargo running can be selectet . example at easy industry. fell trees to the sawmill = goods to the city
    middle industry. the fitted fell trees from the sawmill to the furniture industry from there in the town.
    heavy industry. glass to the glassfactory. glass from the glassfactory to the automobile industry. katchuk from the katchuk plantation to the rubber factory. rubber from the rubberfactory to the automobile factory.
    steel and aluminium from the factorys to the automobile factory. Cars from the automobile factory to the automobile delaer in the city. “example”


    to the work at the economy and cargo list.. i have only finished the work .the most work was finished. that was in my eyes not still perfect. in this list we have the economy most transports. But i have leave water.. about water are going with pipelines.. to every house and industries.. in the most pieces of the world.. but i think this is the ultimate economy cargo list.. and finished this too work is a dream.. greets
    i play often openttd = online transport tycoon the open source variation from transport tycoon..the grafik are miserable, but the game idea and the game complex with the firs mods are great..
    thats is what i missed by train fever the complexity of the game. the game is about the grafik nearly perfect.. more i don´t need .. but the complexity… i have a dream..
    with respect … at the progis and the community


    Great idea Artan . I wish that they atleast think about this .This would be perfect . I just got bored playing train fever for 40-50 hrs . because it didn’t had a lot of depth in the gameplay .But i love this game and hope that The dev teams makes a more complex economy into dlc or maybe the next train fever with other transport options ie planes and ships


    Thank you Rustyrockets.. I like your idea with the Planes and ships options, that´s made it more realistic..

    And here is the Link to the updated Version..

    For more ideas about most industrie transports.. i would be happy ..


    Traian Trante

    All this could be implemented by modding if only the devs would make it possible so that some city buildings have different demands other than “goods”. We could have an gas station that demands fuel, we could have a grocery shop that demands food, a auto dealer that demands cars, and so on.


    Hi Traian, yes you think in the right way .. The city buildings must be have some demands and not allone the city buildings. THe city buildings are the second last in the demand´s list..
    the tenements/homes ” the people” must be have the demands as last consumer.. mathematically for the balance .. the people needs : too eat..”food like fruits, vegetables,pasta , meat ”
    and than to drink..”beer”wein”Juice”cold beverages”like cola,etc.
    that are needed every day..
    than needs a house.. electric household appliances.. ” waschmaschine,washing machine,tv, pc to playing train fever 🙂 .. etc.. this all 1/3 years
    than needs a house as last consumer clothes, sportswear,shoes.. this all 1/4 years
    and all two years a car.. mathematically
    The rest of the city buildings can have demands like as the last consumer mathematically “fundmental basic needs” for a month.. or 2 weeks here is the time balancing the guideline..
    And the Time-balance of the game is the one fundametal factor..
    I don´t need how 100 persons 15 day´s need to enter the train or a bus ..when the working cost´s in a month are 1000 $- 3000$..and the bus or truck is unprofitable.. the passengers at the station are symbolic for the eye .. this must to be go mathematically in 2-6 hours of the day in a game. And than are bus transports profitable..
    I find the time speed are too fast in that game..
    and i see one big misstake the mathematically competition with the private car driver too the trains that misstake overcomes because the game are a singleplayer modus and not in competion with another players” like ki- computer opponents- or like multiplayer human players.. thats need´s so much processing power.. for the future when the game will become legandary status.. like transport tycoon or sim city .. the fundamental concept must be reconsidered .. the basic´s are good, nearly perfect for a so little progi-team.. respect.. but the balance and the complexity need some more work.. i think for train fever 2 is the kickstarter funding platform the best idea to finance .. i would to sponsor the game .. with 50 $ and i know some more when the complexity are more.. that think exactly and are ready to sponsor the game too ..

    with greets and respect..


    All I’m saying is that sometimes less is more. Keep it simple.

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