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    I like the new patch, but the new way, cargo is handled is very annoying, because it breaks many of my existing lines and makes the gameplay much more complicated:

    Eg. if you have  following constilation:

    Raw resource——city—–Factory

    Normaly you would use 1 line, which starts from the raw resource, than stops at the factory , picks up the goods and makes it’s last stop in the city to deliver the goods.

    Now with the new system you need to establish another line, which delivers the goods. This line needs aditional vehicles, which means more costs, even if this would be obsolete.

    Also the same goes for freight hauls with the following constilation:


    This is even worse, because now you need to hang multiple dedicated waggons for coal and iron on your train, which decreases the efficiency even more.

    Why wouldnt I be able to fill coal in an empty iron waggon, since they are built equaly?


    My recomendation is, that this system can be deactivated in the game options, so people, who like the system can use it and those who don’t dont have to.



    I like the idea of the new system but as you said needs some tweaks

    coal and iron should be the same iron fills an empty wagon or the other way around depending on your setup in some setups a wood car could take goods


    the issue I have is road vehicals they all seem to be a flat body that gets loaded with barrles crates etc so in alot of cases these could be multi function


    Absolutely agreed.

    Just add “any” cargo selection. Means “appropriate to the type of car”.

    For example, coal and iron both goes into hopper. So why not let a hypothetical “manager” of she station decide, what can be load at this time?

    Of course, there should be a tanker truck to deliver oil by roads, but since there is barrels – I’d stuck with “any available” selection by default.


    So, selection for horse cart would be like that:

    -Any (default)







    And for railroad hopper wagon:

    -Any (default)




    And that’s all.

    Traian Trante

    The new cargo system falls into the category of features we never asked for that create more problems than it solves.

    Juuuuust like the main road connection!


    The correct way to implement this feature was to solve the bug that allowed a train to load both iron and coal in the same car, thus doubling the train’s capacity. Oh well. There go the modded cars that could carry both plastic and goods….. or tree trunks and lumber.

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    +1. I havent played TF for a while and returned to give it another try after the new patch, this just goes to show that the devs are smoking something that is probably illegal. Tell me why a flatbed truck carrying some goods cant drop that off and pick up a barrel of oil?

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