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    I’ve been thinking about this problem a lot recently, and I’ve realised  that I think a lot of the people who complain about the lack of platform changing are forgetting that Train Fever isn’t exactly TTD or OTTD.  (I think the developer’s shot themselves in the foot a bit in comparing the two, even though there is obvious influence.)

    In TTD goods and passengers went to a station.  There was no simulation of them going to their required platform because there was no concept of platforms for them in TTD.  Because there was no simulation of platforms for the passengers or goods trains could go to any piece of track at the station and draw their load from everything at the station.

    Train Fever however is a touch more detailed and does have a concept of platforms  Passengers and goods need to know which platform to go to to travel.  That means we can’t really have trains changing platforms at the last minute.  If that system is introduced one of two things are probably going to have to happen:

    1. Passengers/goods are going to have to change platform as the train arrives.  This will either increase load time or they will miss their train.
    2. We will have to lose the simulation of people going to the correct platform entirely and just have a grand pool of people at the station that gets on whatever train arrives.  Personally I would like the keep the current system of assigned platforms.  I like the detail, and it is closer to reality I think.

    What are your thoughts?


    I like the detail too, but I think, this can be solved, if you have the ability, to change the behaviour for stations, wether you like it or not.
    For example you can switch it with stations like now with the loading system off trains.

    You click on a station and can set it to only accept fixed platforms for trains, so the system we now have, accept changing platforms and accept changing platforms + a little extra wait time for the train, since the passangers need to change the platform to get their train.

    I think especially the last option I suggested would keep us the detailed showing off passangers going for their specific route on their specified platform but allows the flexibility of trains choosing their platform freely, if they need to.
    But imho, they still should have their standard platform, because moving to another platform is, in RL, an emergency solution of an unforeseen problem.


    As I mentioned this before somewhere: in real life platform has assigned line, and that doesn’t change from day to day. Train to South Woolington will always leave from platform 3. The only thing what bothers me, is that in game I can’t select which platform would that be. Game seems to be trying to select platform automatically, and it not always works ok. We should ask devs to implement “platform selector” for lines,  IMHO.



    That’s fine for trains that actually stop at the platform in question. Express/freight trains should be able to use any platform that they have a path to that is not occupied.

    As for things being that way in the real world, come visit the Central station in Warsaw sometime and then we’ll talk 😉


    Agree with Parsiuk, trains should have set platforms and we need the ability to assign which platform is served by which line


    I dont have a problem with platform assigned to the stop in the line. But the problem is that platform is assigned to the whole line. Making troubles in two way routes.

    If they would just allow us that if one line visit one platform several times, we could assing different platform for each of these stops (but the train would always arrive to predefined platforms) it would be totally cool. And passangers would know whIch platform to stand on.


    @ Agarwel

    I actually have the same issue with busses right now. The game is acting real smart with assigning each line one side of the road. However my lines are linear, so one of the passes the busses require a loop to get to their assigned side…

    For the trains I wish there would be a way to declare platforms ‘excess’. So that you can have fixed platforms for lines (that you can choose) but in the case of express lines or freight these can be freely picked by these lines.

    Would keep the advantages of both. Additionally you can have rail that is used for through traffic, but in a jam can be used to handle the excess of trains at the station.


    I agree with the fact that just taking the first platform that is available is not realistic. However, I do not think the arguments to not have it work out: in the real world, trains do not only have a fixed platform, but also a fixed time to leave. Especially at bigger stations, the platforms are assigned in such a way that there never have to be two trains at the same time. In Train Fever however, there is no such thing as a timetable, so it is entirely possible that two trains of different lines arrive consecutively at one time, and simultaneously another time. In the second case, it would be nice to have a backup platform. Because in real life, when a train is delayed, aren’t trains rerouted to another platform when there is no space?

    I do think adding dynamics would be a good thing, but I think it is more important to be able to assign platforms to a line, because if there is a station with three platforms, I would like to use two platforms for lines going through, and the other platform for a terminating line.


    Why to you think large stations have dynamic boards on which the times and platform numbers are shown. It is totally realistic to choose ‘available’ platforms rather than having a fixed one.


    Yeah, pretty much what Nique said. I’m glad you all live in perfect worlds where trains always run on time and arrive at their designated platforms every single day. From my experience, trains switch platforms all the time and assuming one is going to depart from the same platform is a recipe for a traveling nightmare.

    All this discussion is purely academic anyway. It detracts from the key issue at hand and that is that the current system is too limited in its scope and requires, at a minimum two things. Firstly, the ability for the user to choose the exact platform they want a given line to stop at and, secondly, waypoints, so that we can direct express and freight lines through the platforms as we see fit.


    One thing that would allow us to alternate tracks for trains is island platforms right now we have this:



    on a 2 track station. Passengers need to choose which platform. But if we had this:

    TPT a train going to either side could be loaded.  So on a 4 platform station we’d see:

    TPTTPT this was 2 going in one direction and 2 going in the other direction could allow them to choose. Though, honestly it doesn’t take long to load trains, and you really shouldn’t have trains sitting there “waiting to full” so I’m not sure what the big deal is about having trains which are both stopping at the station choose their platform. and if a train is meant to bypass a station, build a bypass track and they’ll use that.



    “Though, honestly it doesn’t take long to load trains”

    Wait, what? Come again? It takes a whole in-game month to unload and load a 100 passenger train. With three stations on a route, that’s three months standing on a platform. Do you realise how much of a knock on effect this has on other trains?


    In RL, trains have fixed platforms, they only move to another platform, if theyre is an irregular situation, like they are delayed and their standard platform is blocked by another train.
    I rode trains my whole life, so I definitely know this for Germany.


    Industrial trains should be able to choose (many modern loaders can go from front to back as well as from side to side, this was invented specifically to avoid the problem of trains having to wait for another train loading at the reserved track – staying flexible during adjustments).

    Also I just read this (Dutch):


    Which convinces me passenger trains should also be able to choose lanes at a station.

    Why to you think large stations have dynamic boards on which the times and platform numbers are shown. It is totally realistic to choose ‘available’ platforms rather than having a fixed one.

    Yeah,  this.


    In a real world, trains always come to the same platform. For example (real situation) in my city (Prague) at the main station I know that the express train  to Ústí nad Labem at 8:29 a.m. leaves from the northern part of platform 5. Every day. Yes, there are timetables, but we have also priorities. From the highest – EuroCity trains, InterCity trains, Express trains, Regional trains. Each train has a designated platform and in the case of delay, trains with lower priority has to “give” its platform to the train with the higher priority. Yes, we don’t have timetables, but let’s make it with priorities. For example regional train comes to the station and his platform is occupied by express train. So it has to choose another platform if possible. Another example – regional train comes to the station as first. But the game knows that in few seconds there is an express train coming too and the regional one wouldn’t manage to free its platform in time. So the game sends the regional train to another platform to “not bother” the express one. So give us three or four priorities, it should be enough. Freight trains should be able to choose the first free platform.  When this is done, we don’t need to designate platforms for trains ourselves.

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