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    Could it be that a passenger train station *only* works if it is directly connected to a default street ? ( i.e. a street that’s already there ). If, for some reason, a train station cannot be directly connected to such a default street (usually one from the green area of course) but has to be placed a bit further away, would nobody from that city care to take the train ? ( it cretainly looks that way…)

    Of course the station is still connected to the city and has the same name. There’s a bus and tram station next to it.

    I have a very well working double track passenger train line that connects 3 cities but nobody wants to travel on the second line i have setup 40 years ago. It’s a single track line that connects the last station of the first line with two cities in the far distance.

    I wonder if this may be caused by the fact that the middle station is not connected to the default streets of the city.

    What could possibly be another reason ?  For me, setting up a good working passenger train line has always been one of the easiest things. True though that the stations were always connected directly to a default street…

    Any hints/tips most appreciated !


    To your questions;

    1. Test with a bus lane to the station.



    A Train station doesn’t need to be connected to the alrdy existing road network of the city, you can build a new road out of the network and connect the station to this new road.


    Make sure you have a bus/tram line servicing your train station. The train station will work on a non-default road without issues. If the towns are far enough apart, the travel distance may be too great for your citizens to even want to make the trip.

    Another minor point, which I’ve ran into personally, make sure the train stations at both ends of the line are passenger stations. I’ve placed a cargo station before by mistake and was very frustrated that nobody was taking the train.


    Thanks, gents.

    Sure i have a bus and tram line connecting the train station with the city ( see my OP ) but the strange thing is that nobody wants to get on it… Nore on the bus, nore on the tram… Let alone the train….

    I have 3 booming cities with often more than 100 pax waiting on the train station platforms. City trams are very popular, buses, for some strange reason, are not. Industries and cargo lines all top notch.

    Tought i’d expand with 2 more cities. They are just about on the other side of the map compared to my 3 booming cities. So i setup a seperate line that runs from the last of the 3 cities ( so people at this last city can travel either to the 2 ‘booming’ cities or to the 2 ‘new’ cities, atleast that sounded sensible to me… ) to the 2 ‘new’ cities. Made that a single electrified line.

    The ‘last’ city had a single track station, i demolished that and put back a double track station. The second track serves the platform for the 2 ‘new’ cities. The train to the 2 new cities runs perfectly well. I created passing sidings just in case the line would be as succesfull as the first one so i could enter a second or third train.  The 2 new cities’ industries run well, have seperate lines for iron ore and oil trains running too. Cities are slowy growing but still nobody wants to get on the d*mn train! *&^%$!%!!

    I have setup a perfectly running 3 cities passenger train connection. Now i have setup a second line just like the first one and it just won’t work !???… Already for 40 years now…

    Btw, thanks for the info Azrael, that’s good to know, atleast one thing to rule out…  😉

    @ doc0c :  you might have a good point there,  about the distance….  The 3 ‘booming towns’ are relatively quite close to one another where this 2 new cities are not…

    Forget about connecting the ‘last’ city to the 2 new cities and just connect these 2 new cities to eachother ?  (possibly with another more or less nearby city to connect too )

    So, in a way, it’s not exactly the meaning to, in the end, connect each city of the entire map with eachother ?

    Thanks much for the feedback !





    passengers will only travel to another city if there is a reason. Job, Shopping, etc.

    Plus, the whole travel time, from home to where-ever, needs to be 20minutes or under.


    Are the bus and tram services being used for local transport in your ‘new’ cities?

    What seems most likely however is that the travel time from your ‘old’ to your ‘new’ cities is too long. What is the frequency of your single train?

    Especially in the early game it makes much more sense to keep distances short, because those trains are pretty slow! If you have two different concentrations of cities on your map it might make sense to first create two separate networks and then join them together if you have sufficiently fast trains (or can run them frequent enough) to make long distance travel attractive.



    I just don’t get it why setting up these first 3 cities went so well ( i *did* have 70 hours of ‘trial and error’ to get the hang of the game ) and i can’t get anything going in this second setup of additional cities.

    Yes, sofar i have used bus and tram services only for local transport. Trams are always a success, buses not so much, usually just a few pax while trams are full most of the time.

    Didn’t think about travel time yet because the 3 cities are pretty close together and because i run 4 trains on that line the travel time is only about 3 or 4 minutes. Now i looked at the travel of this new line ( i.e. the travel time from the last of the 3 cities to the first ‘new’ city ) it showed as 12 minutes…

    What i did was remove the ‘new’ line and set up a new one where  the train only runs from the first of the new cities to the second. This resulted in 6 minutes travel time. Still the train remained empty… I then cut the travel time in half by adding another train. Didn’t make any difference… Nobody gets on the trains, nobody gets on the buses nore the trams.  In the 100 plus hours i played the game i’ve never seen anything like this…

    It’s about 2040 now, got 120 million in the bank and counting (despite the fact that this ‘new’ line only costs money ), pretty satisfied with that. Together with this ‘no passengers’ problem of the second line and the fact that i don’t care much for modern transportation ( give me a steam locomotive any time ! 😉 i decided to quit my job here and let these stubbern citizens of these new cities sort it out themselves.

    Actually i found it quite a relief to start again with a fresh map.  😉  Thought i’d try medium difficulty level now ( easy before ) and a hilly map. In no time ( say half an hour) i had two towns connected, 2 trains running with full amount of passengers, various horse and wagons running between industries and the cities, all figures in the green. I.e. no probs at all.

    Thanks for the suggestion, Reblet, to first setup 2 separate networks and only then see if they can be connected. Will try that now.




    i havent read all of it.

    But… after 1950 or something u have to be faster than cars with your line system and this is hard. Your train and bus/tram connection needs to be super fast with a low frequency. But i havent tested it out well enough.


    Thanks Capitano,

    quote : I haven’t read all of it.  unquote

    I can imagine..  😉

    Thanks for the tip, i’ll keep that in mind !

    Couldn’t abandon my 3 booming cities afterall…  Cleared away this whole new second line and tried again at the other side, the beginning of the 3 city line. While the new city i tried to connect is also at the other side of the map it was an immidiate success. ( for the first time i tried high speed track with the TGV ) Got 40 pax on the platform on the second run already. That’s more than i ever got in the 40 years running this ‘dead’ line.  😉

    No doubt i must’ve been doing something wrong but i have not been able to find out what…


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