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    Jim Tarnung

    I really like this game, but the building system needs a bit more error tolerance.
    I often build a track, only to find out that i can not build the other tracks i wanted to connect to it due to some unforeseen terrain problem or some bad space management on my part. Then I have to destroy things and rebuild them, hoping i can connect everything this time around. Since destruction and rebuilding both cost money, I run out of cash really quickly.
    The simplest solution (for the player, probably not for the programmer) would be to add a planing / sketching tool, that lets you draw your rails on the map before building them. An alternative would be to add an undo feature or to refund recently built structures instead of charging for their destruction.

    Jim Tarnung

    Also as a quick aside, if you dig down with the terrain modifier tool and you reach the lowest point of the map, the hole loops around to the heavens and creates a pipe between the ground and the skybox.


    A sketching/planning tool would be hugely useful.  I’ve already taken to taking a zoomed out, overhead screengrab with contours turned on, bringing it into Paint, and drawing lines all over it to plan out my hillclimb routes.

    Also, I would really like to be able to draw out multi-node sections of track, and drag each node around before committing to building the entire piece.

    Jim Tarnung

    I played a bit more but i have to save after every succesful atempt to build something. I’m such a bad builder that i have to destroy and rebuild most things. Since that’s way too expensive, my only other option is to save/load a lot. That’s very tedious.

    The cheapest fix to make me happy would probably be an infinite money cheat. That would allow me to build and rebuild things as much as I like until I’m more accustomed to the building system. Is there something like this?


    I already mentioned a planning feature a few weeks ago, but judging the response, not many people are too excited about it.. Althouhg I still don’t see how it can do any harm.
    I miss such a feature with every building game I buy… how can it not be standard by now?
    I really hate finding out a route will never work when I have build 99% of it…


    It can’t do any harm, It’s a good idea.

    In the meantime, I suggest you only build tracks into hilly/mountaineous terrain, when you have loads of cash and thus a good cash supply or you know, what you’re doing.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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