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    From some early videos I was excited to see procedural buildings that actually filled up all the odd-shaped spaced the roads created, but so far in all the videos I’ve seen it’s only perfectly rectangular lots, often with odd looking space between them.  Were procedural buildings cut or scales back to some extent?  The cities look so sparse, almost like american suburbia rather than dense german villages.  Where all the wall to wall buildings?  Where are the tiny houses and building crammed into every scrap of space?


    In another video? XD


    I’m making an LP of the game and I’ll cover it at a latter date.


    I don’t see those either. One thing is true: the buildings have details that always differentiate one to another. So no equal buildings. But buildings on the corner in a triangle shape? Never saw.


    I really would like to know the same thing=)
    I think that one of the most interesting things of this game were exaclly procedural building that allow us to have real style cities… is this still in game?


    I haven’t reached the later years, but the 1850’s houses seem to make great use of the borders of roads and such. The fenced backyards are definitely procedural to fit the angle and slopes of the terrain.


    Lets face it. Its not in the game. I never saw a house that goes along a corner that is not 90 degree.


    Are there any videos of people playing in later years? Maybe we will see this only in developed cities.


    I totally agree with baronjutter! It’s such a shame to see gaps between buildings and no terrace houses/buildings. I hope the devs are looking into this.


    I like the style of the towns as they are at the beginning of the game, they all look pretty rural. As time evolves, they won’t take long before they develop into much larger towns and small cities. 100 years forward, we will be seeing urban sprawl, then heading towards the 21st century, large city development with complex transport systems.

    This is the sort of game I have been longing for, where it can develop over time. Not like the CIM games, where you have everything thrown at you from the start, with massive cities,

    I suppose being old myself, I have grown up with things at a slower pace than they are today, when steam trains were everywhere and trams still trundled the streets in Liverpool, Sheffield, Leeds, Glasgow and of course Blackpool. Now Blackpool has lost the nostalgia, with more modern trams, but progress is life.


    Ok guys, final answer from Dev:


    The buildings in the release version will be slightly more detailed.
    However, building floor plans will consist of 90° angles.
    Unfortunatley we have been forced to limit the angles in order to simplyfy the implementation of town development.

    A bit sad news, but the game will be fun and beautiful in anycase!






    Year, to simplify it, so they can release it on 5 September i guess.

    It doesn’t mean necessarily, that they’ll never patch it in, as seen in the video above, they had it implemented and could show it.
    It means imho, that it needs a bit of work, but other things are much more important right now so they took it out of the game for the moment.


    Well in this case I would suggest another modification: roads built by the AI should also be straight and in 90 degrees. Right now the roads are built in crazy curves and that cause a lot of empty spaces because it creates plots that will never be filled.

    : where you saw this dev statement?



    I asked them on facebook!


    Ii would be nice if developers could add a church and town square in the game for more realistic look of the town. Just small thing but ..:D



    It’s easy to do with mods, but what i really would like to know is what kind of program is better for modelling what should I do if I want to put a model in the game..
    Can someone with experience explain with some advices?

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