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    I’ve got a question about stations, as i can saw, there are just two type of them and they look good for a small-medium towns, but unrealistic for major cities…
    Will the game have more kind of stations or what we saw is the final version (just two stations)?
    I’d love to have large stations and end stations terminus for big cities… it’s something important for a realistic gameplay (i think).
    And one more, what about underground stations? I asked for this many times, but at that time it was still a decision for Dev!



    What I have seen from video’s is the largest station is 5 tracks 320m, if I remeber correctly. You can also group stations. Grouping three of those will great an enormous station. maybe this will be an option?. Although I do not know if you can group two or three train stations or only train with bus stations.



    As far as i know, devs said, they plan to add curved stations so I guess, other and bigger stations are also on the list.


    Yeah you can definitely group up several stations for massive 10 track platforms with exits on either side of the station area. Maybe we’ll even see some elevated and submerged stations at some point for metros.


    It would be nice, I actually mean something simple, not a sort of Paris Gare de Lyon, but terminus like that…
    Also elevated and submerged station are important, given that TF won’t have metro,we could do something like S-bahn in big city area!
    Hope that Dev can tell us something =P


    @Mansen – I haven’t seen that grouping in any of the videos yet, although I remember the devs mentioning something about being able to group, say, a stop with a station. Does it literally mean that two separately plopped stations will act as one logical unit and that passengers/freight can be picked up or dropped off at either?


    Yes the grouping works that way. You should try to look for more videos because not many people use that ability but it is definetly there.



    I cover station grouping  in my 4th episode on my TF Let’s play also showing a simplified version of in in the first 3.

    Ill cover it even more in depth when I record my tutorial videos.

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    Are there any plans for custom train stations? Something along the lines that we would plop station building with road access, then lay down platform (same was as tracks are layed) then lay down tracks and so on? This way we could easily create station of any shape.

    Also eleveted/undergroung station would be great.  As well as viaducts.

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