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    Today I looked again this gameplay video and carefully considered the characteristics of the locomotives.

    It struck me as interesting: locomotives in game has a characteristic such as Tractive effect. How it will affect, for example, to max lenght of train, or may be to something else?

    Just, for example, here A 3\5 has tractive effect 125kN, it means train of weight ~800 tons if acceleration of locomotive – 0.1 m\s^2. But in video train acceleration not very realistic. πŸ˜€ Maybe just because alpha, but I think for playability. 800 tons – it 40 cars like in screenshot, so… btw, 20 tons – it weight of empty car?

    So, if in game Traction effect will affect to max weight of train, what will be the formula? πŸ™‚


    Second interesting characteristic – lifespan. What happens with locomotive after the 50 years of usage? Will in game a such characteristic like a Mileage? If locomotive 10 years stand in depot or 10 years traveled – the state of this locomotive will be different?

    Vehicles in alpha video don’t have characteristic Consumption: it will be on release, or it included to “Running coasts”?

    Well, sorry for many questions. πŸ™‚


    Btw, I very like how you did the depot: first stop can be anywere, buses (trams\trains) just go from depot to this stop and further along a circular route. Vehicles don’t need to back to depot after route (like in CiM2), right? It really good. πŸ™‚

    Thank you!


    Hi alex.

    About the traction effect you’ve seen in the alpha video. It’s accurately calculated, but in this video we’re running the trains with maximum power all the time, that does appear unrealistic.

    The Lifespan is counting down from the time you buy a locomotive. Currently it only affects the running costs of a train. Is the lifespan reached, then the running costs are going to increase and will trouble the player.
    The depots can be built anywhere on a track, the train/bus/truck/tram is then going to the first stop and starting his routine.

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    Thanks for answer, Mikael!

    I’ll wait the next update. πŸ™‚ Please, tell more in update about technical characteristics and features of vehicles. πŸ™‚


    “The depots can be built anywhere on a track, the train/bus/truck/tram is then going to the first stop and starting his routine.”

    After every “round” on the route, does the bus go back to the depot, or will it be, like in real life, the bus goes round and round and round?


    The bus goes round and round. At the depot you can buy, sell and re-arrange vehicles.

    Isn’t there a song that sounds like: “round and round and round..”?

    Axel Springer

    And for repair it goes back to depot?

    After repair the train/bus drives to the first stop or to the last stop bevor the depot?

    Whats happend with the passenger or have a stop in the depot no negative effect?


    This sounds good.

    Because you asked for: /watch?v=_gR_CB8Mz9I
    Have fun. :p

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