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    So, I can’t wrap my head around how the cargo system works, I bought a cargo train station and put it (lets call it point a) on point A, got a depot and bought a couple of carts (tank, goods, open wagon etc) and then I connected point A to point B with tracks, I then made a line between there and let it run for about 20 minutes and not a single thing happened, not a 0 produce was delivered to or from point A, since then I’ve just been delivering passengers.




    It’s really hard to tell without looking at the setup. A couple of screenshots would be helpfull depicting things like the whole route. The details of the factories, trains and lines. The reasons I can think of are:

    1. wrong industry types connected
    2. stations not connected to roads near industries
    3. no demand. industry must be able to deliver products to some town in order to request resourcers necessary for production
    4. wrong type of stations build tho it seem you built the right one from your description
    5. travel time of goods is too long. It includes cargo walking from the producing industry to station then waiting at station then boarding train and traveling by it then walking to the receiving industry
    6. some other reason I didn’t think of

    PS. if any dev is reading it I would like to know when the version for Win XP 64bit will be relesed 😛 I want to play your awesome game. Yes I truly think the game is awesome from the videos I watched even though it isn’t as polished as people want it to be.


    Tossi, the 64 bit version is their alrdy, since a few days before release.


    Azrael, It is very hard for me to not answer you with harsh words. I didn’t ask for 64bit version, I asked for version that can run on Windows XP 64 bit, there is a topic about it in this section of the forum made by me.


    If its very hard for you to not to reply to him with harsh words, then the door is that way mate >>>

    Don’t need that kinda attitude here, he answered the best to his knowledge. Probably didn’t know there is a difference between Win7 64 and WinXP 64.


    Willing to bet you didn’t even know either.

    Now if you like to throw some harsh words around, please PM me

    Can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all.

    Oh here is my “harsh words”.

    Get off Windows XP. The support is dead from MS and is dead from many Game Studios. Be even GRATEFUL that these devs are maybe preparing a special build, just for XP 64bit OS. As stated here;

     Windows XP 64bit is a special OS, that needs a special build.
    This takes some time. We’re going to fix this soon. We’re going to add it to the changelog when it’s done.


    Again, you on a old, and outdated and non supported OS, and with your attitude I already see the “gimme now” mentality with you.

    Do a favor to yourself and future devs you are gonna cry at, UPGRADE YOUR OLD AND OUTDATED OS!

    Got harsh words? PM me, I got a thick skin and tons of laughter to expel today!

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    Woah, let’s not start an argument here lads.

    OT: It’s been figured out, thanks for your help Tossi. This can be locked and archived.

    — Hopper

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