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    I’m sure that I am not the only one, but I want a gameplay mode where there is no money and everything is free!


    I don’t need this functionality myself. I prefer playing with money and prefer if the Devs focus on things that increase the gameplay value rather than specific “I want to play like this” requests.

    If you fancy playing without money…
    You can use applications for memory editing like ArtMoney or Cheat Engine to find where your money is stored in memory and edit/freeze that value.
    There is no need for the game devs to code this.


    You can also edit the game files directly to alter costs of things and maintenance etc, if you so desire.

    Whilst I don’t find it difficult to make millions, especially on easy, I can see why some people would want a ‘sandbox’ mode, I doubt it would take very long for the dev’s to implement if they wanted to.

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    If you want a game where everything is free, try Trainz !


    I’m against it too.  Not every game needs a ‘sandbox’ mode.

    “If the object of golf is to have the lowest score, then why play at all?” ~ The Duke, Wizard Of Id comic strip.


    What’s sandbox mode?


    It’s like Creative in Minecraft.

    All vehicles are available.  Unlimited building and funds.  Making a profit, efficacy, or ‘losing’ doesn’t matter.  Sort of like turning on all the ‘cheats’.  In other words, you don’t ‘play the game’, you play with the game.


    Sandbox mode would be cool … for those who enjoy building virtual train makete.

    But yea … few years on easy mode gets you enought money to build anything you like.

    Someone should create a mod with unlimited money and devs should focus on buf fixes and some other features

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    There are a few mods on the German site for just this.
    There is the cost_mod which makes most everything free.
    There is the timeless_mod which makes all vehicles available from day one.
    There is a [cheat] money train that can be used to have any amount of money you like. But with this train, I suggest using it differently. The creator says to purchase it at -999999999 and don’t sell it. Personally I don’t like stray vehicles in a depot. I make it free to buy, save the game and change the price to 999999999, then reopen the saved game and sell it. Now there is no stray vehicle in a depot.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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