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    I figure there is no plans for adding Swedish trains (like the SJ X2000) but theses exist as 3D models in sketch up.. Does anyone know if these are models that can be used (exportred to some other format like .3ds etc.)  to be the base for modds? are they free to use for that? many a bit off topic..


    I don’t know if SketchUp is supported, but IF you want to import it  into this game, make sure you are allowed to do so by the creater of that train!

    SketchUp can be converted to a different format with 3Dcrafter PRO. Some people use it to build 3rd party content for Ts 2014.


    I highly recommend using Blender instead of Sketch Up.  It is better in absolutely every aspect.


    It doesn’t matter what tools you use, but how well you can use the tools you prefer.

    Whether that’s Blender, Max, Maya, LightWave, SketchUp, AC3D, Rhino, Houdini, you name it.. If you don’t know the tool, you won’t produce well.


    If SketchUp is your thing, go with it!

    I on my hand will focus on how to get models in the game first. Then I’ll start thinking of making mods.


    It does matter what tool you use.  If you are familiar with Sketch Up, that’s great, use that to learn a better program.  The increase in results is phenomenal when using Blender over Sketch Up.

    Then again, if you are a person who is so stuck in their ways that you cannot learn a new program, then go ahead and use Sketch Up.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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