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    I’m a faithful TF fans, one of the few Chinese modelers.

    I love this game and so happy that TF is an open platform, that we can do many creative things.

    Here I just want to mention, there are also 3 simple things I hope can be modified by mod in the future versions:

    1. Many people want more types or styles of catenary pole and railtrack can be choose, but this is the only things – modelers can’t add new one to the list. I also want to be able to add more conditions to make automatic model change for the different conditions by the script, eg. in many countries pole on bridges is different than on the land.

    2. People like more type of passenger carriage, so modelers made sleeper car, car for seat, even dining car and baggage car. We can set different prices, capacity and runningCosts for everyone, but we can’t modify ticket price, that’s terrible that the ticket price of 9 places’s soft sleeper car is exactly same with 30 places’s hard seat car. And the baggage car is completely useless. I think the best way is add few percent of the total of this trip’s income if there are no any baggages in the game. So we hope more config variables to realize more function like this.

    3. We can add more sound tracks to make realistic sound for mod, but we want to differentiate between increase or decrease of speed, (I don’t know maybe someone can realize by a pile of complicated code) that we can add some brake sounds and make sure they won’t be played when speed up. I also want point out, when several trains with complicated sound(many tracks, eg. China 25T carriages which I made) in an same area, sound might be played abnormal (lost tracks or clacks) I hope that can be repaired soon.


    These things I think it’s simple to make for you – official team, and will give modelers more important possibility to creative for this game. As a simulation game with open platform I think these variables or possibility you announced still too less and not enough to make many things that not included in the original game but we want.


    Also, I’m very angry that in my country, many people play pirated cracked copy. I don’t want supply my mod for pirated game anymore, as they harming the interests of legitimate users, and ridicule us using money to play a “free” game. So I want to mention Workshop again. As it is only for steam users, I think it’s a good way to increase vantage for legitimate users.

    Traian Trante



    Count me in!


    Уважаемые разработчики игры   Train Fever,а так же все кто делает моды! прошу сделайте  мод что бы   знать какой длинны железная  дорога была игроком построена, сколько по  ней  от города до города  уже километров прошел поезд и сколько ему еще осталось до конечной станции а так же общий километраж  за игру!?  Пожалуйста сделайте такой мод!  А то  получается  скорость локомотива  мы знаем а какое  расстояние проходит поезд  в игре не знаем зачем тогда  скорость поезда?    

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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