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    I would like to make a suggestion which I think could create far more interesting scenarios, without really requiring any additional coding or resources.

    Have the option for a 32 x 8 km map… or even a 64 x 4 km map.  Both these options would require the exact same system resources as a 16 x 16 map, but they would alter the challenges of a game considerably.

    Even on “Hilly”, hills currently can amount to little more than dead-space to be avoided, as there are always ample valleys weaving around a square map.  You just find the route of least resistance, and you can mostly avoid hills, at least for passenger services.

    With a long, thin map on the other hand… a hilly region could easily span the width of the map, meaning it would provide a true obstacle that you would have to negotiate.

    A long, thin map would also give you more reason to create local train network “hubs”, with a couple of major “express” cross-country services connecting them… rather than the general, multi-purpose web that tends to form on current maps.

    Generally, you’d be trying to cover a lot more distance overall, on a map that essentially covers the same square-meter footprint.  It would make those super-fast TGV services far more important, and give them a real chance to stretch their legs.

    At the very least, can some of the map-generation settings be opened up to the modding community so that people can mod these settings to their hearts’ content? 🙂

    I also still think my idea of being able to specifiy the number of towns created would be great too, and would fit well with non-square maps… I still find towns are a little too common a commodity.  A game would be far more interesting with only a few and long stretches of land between them.


    I like the idea of long, this maps although I’m indifferent about setting the number of towns. I think that if you don’t service towns in some way the population should dwindle and the town should eventually die out. It would be great if new towns were settled and industries built sometimes too, possibly with transport subsidies offered to get them up and running


    I kind of like the idea. Both having longer maps with less possibility to go around obstacles.

    And on the square maps having possibility to reduce amount of tows and industra. So far it feels like it is too cLithered. So far I usually dont even feel the need for trains in industry. They are just close it does not feel worth it. it would be nice if servicing town with goods would be a challenge. Not just placing stops around factories where goods are transported anyway 🙂

    i mena having the biggest map and having max 2 factories of ea h kind. And ensure that resources are nowhere near of them.


    This is an awesome idea. If it’s really implementable it’s possibly the best and most original suggestion I’ve seen to date. Here in the UK train companies are running services along a long franchise corridor. Getting the time down over those longer distances could be a real challenge.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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