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    • [20-min rule] Make citizens aware of traffic jams If they actually take 2 hours by car to get from A to B, make them give up the car for good!

    Isn’t this implemented now?

    To be honest, I’m not sure (this list was not started by me). I’ve never gotten up to a stage in the game where traffic was an issue. The game always becomes unplayable for me around 1925 since I’ve already got so much stuff by then and traffic certainly isn’t an issue for me at that stage. So, I’d have to take your word for it, unless someone else can confirm?

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    It is implemented somehow… but there remains one problem. Even the fastest trains can’t compete with cars on short distances (typically neighboring towns). I made a connecting road to look like a snake to ensure a very long journey by car, built a perfectly straight double track with TGVs running in 2 min intervals… still many cars. People also don’t want to take long rides, even if it takes e.g. less than 10 minutes, they prefer to live, work etc. in a one-town radius from their home town. I think that we should have a possibility to set the prices of tickets (and maybe highway fees) thus increasing/lowering the expenses of citizens and attracting them to the railroad. Fuel prices should also change as it does in the real world and would affect our costs to run the trucks and trains (and people’s cars of course). These very easy-to-implement features would significantly improve the gameplay and make us to find the best business strategy.


    I’ve changed it to a combination of many different suggestions instead:

    • Make citizens use the fastest/cheapest form of transport available to them dependent on their income level
      Simcity had a feature where public transport use was dependent on the citizen’s wealth level; poor people would mostly use public transport, medium would use the fastest and rich would mostly use their private vehicles. Since there are more poorer people in a city than rich (generally speaking), traffic would decrease if your transport network was excellent.

    I think this makes more sense. Anyone disagree?


    All this that you are suggesting is nice but for me the only thing that is needed is THE BLOODY MULTICORE CPU OPTIMISATION.

    OK, I may be upset a bit by the fact that I am not able to play on my small map with public transport in each of the five cities and trains connecting them together and there is DLC being prepared? Like… I have paid for a game that does not run on my fancy laptop and you are just putting some more models into it? Come on… 😉

    Nevertheless, it is still the best game I have encountered in a long time. But it needs the bloody CPU optimisation. Basically the devs just have to multithread the game, otherwise it is not playable. The CPU is clogged up by two or so threads, the GPU does nothing because CPU is not feeding it any data (when I pause the game, the GPU fan goes nuts so I am pretty sure of that) and I am there trying to enjoy my turn by turn strategy of laying down tracks.


    I do not want any more functions. I want speed. I want to be able to watch my trains pass by. I want me to be able to enjoy the game without being angry at it for its sluggishness…

    Please guys… If you need any help I would like to give you a hand. Seriously. I want this game to sing.

    — played on i7 macbook pro with 750m and 16gigs of RAM. In Win 8.1…


    Basically it’s because the most of TF community is from Germany. Germans love trains. Germans are able to swallow anything, what runs on tracks regardless of lags or others performance issues. The more trains, the more functions, the more real-looking world, the better. And I agree with it. I also love trains. But my goal is not only to build perfect layouts and post them to “Screenshots von euren Welten”. If you speak german, read their forum. It is full of optimistic topics. You can also find some complains, but the solution is always “OK, we will wait, maybe the devs will do sth with it, meanwhile I can look at my fucking laggy IC train which has (sadly) to wait until the regio train goes through the switch…” or “Oh, my computer is not good enough, it is my fault.” I don’t mean it as an offense, it is just their nature. But when the most of the community wants functions and trains, the devs give it to them. If they desired better performance, it would be topic No. 1. Germany is just the largest market for simulation games, so the devs listen to them.

    And yes, the performance is very bad, I would expect a perfect oiled clockwork… They are Swiss…



    • Driver Seat View

    What do you think about having a camera view from the driver seat of train, buses, trams and trucks ?

    (As Roller Coaster Tycoon did).

    See you


    I dont care about anything but ————> fixing the insane freezes. Im in 1966 with several cities having 2500 residents and freezes are about 2 min now. Also the game itself is stuttering retardedly.

    Its just unplayable.



    it would be really nice to have an option to enable/disable the snapping function, while building rail tracks. It would be easier to build a bridge or a tunnel, if the track wouldn’t snap to an existing one all the time.



    A suggestion about Signals:

    In the beginning of the game, there are only the ‘old’ signals (with the ‘arms’ moving up and down). In the end of the 1920’s, the new electrical signals (with red and green lights) come available. I recently ‘upgraded’ all my signals (LOTS of them!) from the old models, to the new electrical ones. Actually, as far as I know, there is no way to ‘upgrade’ them, the only way to do this is manually delete each individual (old) signal, and then put a new signal in the same spot. On long routes between cities I have signals spaced out about 2 train lengths apart, so you can imagine what a job that was. Therefore I have three suggestions:

    1. When upgrading a ‘regular’ track to ‘high-speed’ track, AUTOMATICALLY upgrade all signals along that track to electrical signals (Having high-speed track with the oldfashioned signals looks a bit silly anyway). If that is not possible, or not desired:

    2. Have an option to upgrade each individual signal to an electrical signal without having to replace each one individually (just like you can upgrade railroadcrossings, or upgrade track to electrical track). Or, if even that is not possible:

    3. When deleting an existing signal (old OR electrical), get a warning if that particular signal was set as a waypoint in one of your routes. That way if you replace (or delete) a signal, you know you also may have to adjust one of your routes.


    Increase Map Size
    Allow building many Metropolis sized cities that can be connected by intercity trains on the largest map. The current large map should be the small size.

    I fully agree. I WON’T BUY THAT GAME before it offers realistic map sizes. I’m really amazed about the gameplay and the graphics, but due to the map size, I haven’t even started playing. I bought A-train and put it aside after half an hour, because of the disappointing map size. In fact, we have 21st century gameplay at the size of a model railway in your cellar.

    I used to play Transport Tycoon and Locomotion a lot. Look how huge the maps there are in Open Transport Tycoon. But it has a really outdated gameplay and 90’s style graphics. We need something that combines gameplay with realistic map sizes. In times of large online game networks, it should be possible to handle it for a computer. You don’t even have to render graphics or vehicles that are out of the view. You only need to handle the parameters like lokation, speed, passengers… and developement status/occupation of city squares.


    I know I can’t be the only person that use to play this game that feels the same way I do.

    Remove “Main Connection Feature”, It’s completely broke and ruins the otherwise amazing game.

    Why must this wonderful game be ruined for such a completely useless, creation destroying mechanic that serves no purpose in the game other than to make it unplayable?






    I just remembered a nice thing from Sid Meier’s Railroads! The way cargo was loading, it was really awesome. That means the cargo loader was stationary and the train had to move to load n wagons at a time (n = number of loaders).

    Here is a good example of that.

    Railroads is pretty stupid, but it has a few nice things.


    we needing so rails can cross each other
    so more stuff can get possible


    Two suggestions about load/save screens :

    – When selecting which file should be loaded, would it be possible to have a quick description of the content of the savegmae ? Things like current game year, money, map size and type

    Idealy, if we could also give a name to each map …

    – When saving the games, it would be nice to see all the previously saved games, to replace an existing save or to have a personnal way of sorting the savegames.



    it would be nice, if the terrain forming tool had a circle around it’s working area.


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