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    @Traian Trante Modding capabilities doesn’t mean you’ll get multiple type of goods. It means that if a modder want to create a mod for industries, it will be easier for him to encode multiple goods in factories. (a script file .lua or something like that)


    For me the most important things are:

    1. Performance patch!

    2. X crossings

    3 Increase a demand for goods in towns. Because now i can supply all city on the map from one oil refinery and one oil plant. When i’m done this the game is over coz is nothing more to do 🙁


    Mikael when we can expect the next update? Can You give us any date?

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    @Xcenty: about the 20 minute rule:  I’ve seen it everywhere, the first place that comes to my mind in in this Steam Community Guide:

    If you want to skip the discussion about frequency, just go to the “Extra Notes” section.



    @isidoro: A steam guide is not a trusted source. Is this confirmed by the devs somewhere ?

    I’ve also seen this information everywhere but not yet from the game makers.

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    I agree with Maxpio, currently demands of cities can be fulfilled by only one industry.


    @Xcenty, a long time ago when the game was in development and the dev discussed the possible rules imposed, 20 minute travel time was one of them. I forget the exact website where they discussed such things, but I think it was a checklist German spoken video somewhere.

    Even if its not the case, I still use the 2o minute travel time as my limit to ensure my network is fully optimised and used by the passengers. I also use the factor to implement High Speed services and ensure passengers won’t travel to the next town, but the town after (2nd town from origin).

    For the performance, I’m happy they acknowledge they can improve it. I also want those expense numbers to vanish which pops up every month over the trains.


    @Xcenty: there is another hint that makes the 20 minute rule plausible: some pieces of goods or passengers just vanish when on vehicles.  The simplest reason to this is that there is some kind of time limit that expired.

    Traian Trante

    Xcenty :((((((((((((((((


    @isidoro: the passengers or goods vanish only because their destination is no more available (reconstruction) It has nothing to do with the time limit. Once passengers or goods decide to move, it’s because their destination is within their limit. Once they do, there is nothing that will stop them to achieve their goal unless the destination vanish.


    one question, do goods vanish if factory gets reconstructed?


    @coujou: next time if you copy my summary please at least mention my name or make a correct backlink 🙂

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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