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    It’s a fun and addicting game, but it certainly has it’s annoying and frustrating moments.

    After playing for quite some time yesterday had  a couple of frustrating moments.
    It would be very nice to have a vehicle status window or something so players can see if vehicles are stuck.

    Had quite some difficulty getting a train to the depot which should not been as diffucult if the train just followed a free path which was available.
    Also other trains got stuck even with a passing loop present.Would be very nice to have more say in what track a train uses, as signals is still very fiddly.

    And why does the game keeps changing a large country road to a large street and starts building houses next to it.
    Might be handy to be able to specify that.


    “And why does the game keeps changing a large country road to a large street and starts building houses next to it.”

    I have observed that building railroad tracks over the roads helps to prevent this issue.

    Just build a small section of rail track over the road, close to the cities, and they will not be able to convert the road to street any more (they can convert sections that are close to the city, but they can’t jump a rail track while converting roads). If the city is spreading out, you have to build tracks on every place they can connect to your country road (if the rail track is surpassed by the city they can convert the road again).

    For me it’s working. Someone else has tried it?


    ^^ first thing i learned was to pre-plan when putting a station and make sure i put tracks in possible future directions to prevent the town to expand that way.


    @Trujas: Thanks, I’ll try it.

    @Stonedashell: Yep I also do that most of the time.


    I just set up a train industry line again and i really miss the Half Load option. I have 1 train with 1 wagon which can carry 13 goods, i rather have him go half loaded minimum with a low waitingtime then a long standstill to wait for 13 goods, takes a couple of years in game to fill that.

    Adding the option to let it run at half load (same with passengers) is an option i really miss. This game is much more sophisticated then Railroadtycoon but you could maybe lend some of their options. Same as bridge building as suggested by others. It’s really hard to make a good one. If you fail you need to redo the surface most of the time and try another failure.


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