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    So I miss a function to make a time-table for the trains. Such a fuunction would make the planning much easier cause you have the possibility to plan it in a way that there no train block another and can use one track in a station much more effective.

    another function I miss is the priority-function. A regional train should give way a long distance-train wich is much faster. This idea results cause I had a huge problem in one of my games: I made a line for a long distance-train but the fright train and the regional trains wich also use the same track everytime leaves before the long distance-train so the line clock rises to over 30min just cause the train needs to wait as long in the station. The further problem was, that this train had to wait in an important station where two tracks comes together so not just the one line needs as long he also blocks all the other trains on the other routes…

    So I think a timetable-function or a priority-function should be implemented in the best case both functions (maybe timetable-function optional for the user)




    i have thought about those two things too. But timetable seem for me way to much work that isnt fun to do. Maybe if it made super easy and still functional i’d give it a try. i rather have priority lanes or even trains. Also nice would be a option to give lights also a priority.


    At present, a timetable would be scarcely compatible (as the “waiting for full load” is) with the 20 minutes rule and the vehicles frequency that is the core mechanism of the game economy.

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    I agree with Neldot – we’re already talking about an abstract system as it is – you don’t really think it takes days to travel by train to the next town, do you? 🙂

    I would, however, like a default-on option “Space Evenly” where the game works out, given the average interval, how long it should hold each vehicle in order to get even spacing throughout the fleet of vehicles operating on that line.


    I read somewhere that the game had a mechanism to spread out vehicles over a line. It is clearly not functioning in practice. Probably it works on a clean line without too much interferences from other traffic, but in practice vehicles bunch up more of the time then not. So i presume the developers just need to adjust their already programmed mechanism, and make it work… and play with their own game to test it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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