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    Hi there,

    i feel like some of you experiance problems to get started.

    So here are some effective tricks and tips i have worked out and be able to share with you.

    First of all i want to say that i enjoy this game very much, and i just did waited like for years for a game like this to appear to us.


    If you feel like abusing of bugs is not what you want to get started, you might stop reading here, cause i cant hide those parts in this forum.

    Letz start:

    Do the following setup exactly as mentioned:

    1. Mapsize: Middle
    2. Difficulty: as you like
    3. Mapseed: “Empty” (no seed)
    4. Startyear: 1850

    That way you come out with a Citytriangle on your right hand, wherein is a simple “Oil to Raffinerie” route. Thats your core! Just be sure you carry that Oil.

    Seed: “zero” (no seed) maps are often used by Developers to test some things out, so this is an advantage and we might have to feel as a cheater somehow, anyway. that works.

    what will happen? Your goods are carried by default to all those 3 cities. So you can get very early a very hight amount of production. Later you will connect those 3 cities and will have a grow in every part.

    My second trick to generate a stable fluid income is due to some experimentation. You build a tram line interconnecting for 2 cities (and in those cities. That way i get like 4 Million stable income where trams are just stuffed on the map as they fit.

    The third one is some more aggressive. You will have to be fast but you can generate a good income if you get in financal problems:

    You have a simple producion to industrie line. Those industries will only produce as much as is taken away by the cities, true? When you transport the goods to town you can call trucks into hall. The goods will just “dissapear” and you can push production beyond limits. I did not lose money due to kill some “goods-fright” so you can go for it if needed.

    another pic of later gameplay on the same map:

    Good luck and have fun!



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