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    Right! I’ve finally got my first town to 1000pop, but its taken me from 1850 till 1967 including maxed goods and by now 3 train lines with under 3-4 min wait times, two tram lines and a bus route!! But the goods requirement is still so small that all I need is a few trucks and an added bus/tram every decade to keep on top of town growth. As much as i love this game is there anyway that town growth could be enhanced in the future?

    Thank you for your time


    You did not yet reached the maximal growth. What size do you have in mind?


    Hello Mikael, thank you for this great game and keep up the good work!

    I think that what the OP was meaning is that the towns development takes a bit too long, more than a century to reach 1000 people. I agree with him, because I love the steam age, and until now in my games I see no way of getting big cities until the late game, when there are no more steam trains available.

    Perhaps an option in the map generator to set the initial population of the cities (small, medium, large), or at least to put 1/2 bigger cities in the map, would be useful too. I understand that this option would render obsolete one of the achievements.



    Maybe in future , if they introduce more industries, cars can be produced and delivered to cities , which will increase suburban areas increasing town area and popn quick.


    @Rustyrockets How can you advice to make cars for people >_> Cars are a train fever company’s worst enemy because they can cause huge traffic jams!


    You did not yet reached the maximal growth. What size do you have in mind?

    I’d like to see the towns getting 100,000 or even bigger and having the industries producing much, much more. This game is called Train Fever but the biggest train I got doing any good is a passenger train with 2 cars and not filling it up. So far it should be called Truck Fever because the trains don’t do squat and I’d like to be able to make some long trains with 20 or 30 cars and go for a good distance. Right now the routes are so short that all they take is one engine and maybe 2 cars and that’s it.

    So where is the Train Fever? I’ve been playing it for 2 days now and am getting more disappointed by the day,

    I’d also like to know what the difference in the difficulty settings are. What makes one harder than the other?


    The problem is with how you use the trains then, not with the game. Longs trains are possible and very profitable if there is demand for big amounts of raw materials.


    The OP just wants towns to grow faster if they are properly supplied.

    The actual population size of a town will always be relatively low for gameplay reasons. The travel needs of each citizen are simulated, and if the map population was too high the game would likely grind to a halt from the simulation of so many citizens. Not to mention, any actual large city would likely take up a large part of the large map size, making the game primarily a bus and tram simulator.

    That or they could fudge it like Sim City (2013).. Where the amount of simulated citizens is less than the population shown. I’d rather they didn’t do that.


    if there is demand for big amounts of raw materials.

    That’s the thing. IF, but there isn’t. The demand is so low that the industries don’t produce squat and using long trains is just for looks because they surely won’t be filled with cargo.


    The travel needs of each citizen are simulated

    I think that’s the main problem here. The game is called Train Fever and does not live up to it’s name. It depends more on the peoples needs than the towns need. Most of the towns I checked only need like 50 units of goods and that is fill rather quickly. And I just found out that good won’t deliver to the town on a train. I just setup both, trucks and a train to pretty damn close to the same spot and the goods WILL NOT go to the train but will go via trucks. So how in the world is this a train game. It’s looking less and less.

    Also, if I am using my trains wrong, where is a manual telling me how to use them? The user made guide only say how to run track and make routes, mainly. There’s not much info on how the game works. Like what is the difference between the difficulty settings, easy, medium or hard? I played an easy game first, now I’m trying a hard one but have no idea what is harder about it.


    That’s the thing. IF, but there isn’t. The demand is so low that the industries don’t produce squat and using long trains is just for looks because they surely won’t be filled with cargo.

    Stop the BS. All I ever used was trains and never had problems making profit. Especially with 2 of the 18 wagon iron ore trains.


    Stop what BS? I see the long coal trains and wonder how the coalmines are producing that much for you to get them full. So I’m obviously doing something wrong. But, what am I doing wrong. I followed the guide and it just ain’t working for me.

    What difficulty game did you start with? Easy, medium or hard? I started with easy and I couldn’t get them to produce much at all. Surely not enough to fill an 8 car coal train.


    It is completely possible to get your industries to produce. One of my oil wells produces 400 units annually. I transport the oil to a refinery via a 10 car train, from there I have 3 goods supply lines to 3 separate cities.

    From what I understand its all about supply and demand, and raw material industries have a ‘contract’ with the oil refineries / steel mills etc. So an oil well will not supply more oil than a refinery requires to produce its demand in goods, that means unless you distribute the goods effectively the refinery wont increase production no matter how long your train is or how quickly it delivers the material

    This is how i understand it, feel free to correct me if i’m wrong


    You need create demand before you can transport goods.  You start with the town to factory connection.  In fact it should be towns to factory connection.  Distribute the cargo to two towns so the demand for goods is doubled.  The demand for goods will in turn increase the demand on the coal and the ore.   You basically have to build the whole chain to get things going.  Also you should check the cargo isn’t making it’s own way there by turning on the cargo layer.


    I agree they could be bigger / grow faster. Playing from 1850 – 1996 I didn’t even get a 750 city, and it was my Main Hub.
    A tad way to look at things;

    Only 0.3% have gotten a 1,500 city. Only 3% have gotten a 750 pop city..

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