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    I’m not playing for a long time (I ended near the year 1900), so I do not know, how it would be in the 1950+ years, when there would be cars, but in those earlier years I found few problems (I know, I know it is still in develop).

    1. One of the problem are bigger stations (aka bases). Foe bus base-station has 4 bus-stops, it means, it can handle 4 different routes. But what would happen if I would like to use one route, where bus travel only if it is fully loaded? (Similar situation is with trucks and cargo). To better describe that problem just look on picture below. Bus(horse) 1 from red line is waiting until is fully loaded. Bus 2 from red line is waiting behind etc. But bus 1 from green line could not handle its destination because of Bus 2. It can have waiting passengers, but because of second line it would not be able to pick them up. I do not even talk about other 2 stations which in my situation were always empty, because I could not solve this problem correctly. Much better for me was to create 2 different stations (bases), so if there would be one-three waiting cars, than it would not be a big problem. (until there would be more and because of other game problem… roads).
    bus base
    So, how to solve this problem?
    1.1. Just do not let bus enter the base until it has free stop for it. So it would wait before the base and would create traffic jam, but after road rebalancing (read below) it would work perfectly
    1.2. (optional). Make the possibility to set up which stop from bigger bases would be used for line. Foe I have 2 lines but heavy loaded from one base and pretty frequent line, so I decided that there would not be only one loaded stop, but 2 or even 3… So trucks would not take only first 12 prepared units of cargo, but could take second stop to take other 12 prepared.

    2. Second problem was bigger roads, where all traffic was in one line leaving second one totally free and creating huge traffic jam because of this.

    How to solve it?

    2.1. All cars / trucks / buses would use primary first line (right one). If there would be second car which would have higher speed (foe first one is slow version of truck or even first one is stopped and waiting for something) it would use second (left) line until it can use first one again. This solution with 1.1. would greatly increase using bigger bases, because all trucks/buses which would not have free stop in that base would wait in right line and trucks which would have it just would take left one
    2.2. Do not let cars to enter crossroads until it can drive to that road without blocking other paths in crossroads.

    3. Tram lines. If those tips above would be used, there would be a problem with trams if their paths would be near right sides, because if right side would be for slower (waiting) cars, and tram would be faster, it would not be able to travel in optimal use.. So, just make those lines in the middle (left side).


    “Wait until full load” is a major cause of problems when combining one station with multiple lines. It always generates major problems with the other line not being able to access it’s platform. I think the concept of the truck stations have to be re-thought, so one can effectively use the “Wait until full load”. For now, we need to build one station per line once we use the “Wait for full load” option.


    Dont use the Full Loading Option the game is not able to handle it. Sooner or later itscausing big Problems. For example using 1 Line to Transport coal and iron with the otpion loading full causes a drop down in productin rate from 120 to 1. If you use full load the production line brokes down. Just use laoding when cargo is waiting and try to use so many trucks Trains or whatever that there is not to much cargo waiting.

    greetings Markus

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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