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    Hello, I just wanted to have some benchmark to judge my performance in this game and get better.

    To do so, I would ask what is your best financial performance (in terms of cash) at years 1900, 1950 and 2000.

    It would be interesting to propose some challenges where we play with exactly the same conditions. For instance let’s begin with an easy map:

    CHALLENGE 1: medium map, flat, seed “switzerland”, hard difficulty, european map, no mods. I propose that each one uploads his financial result, a screenshot of his network and briefly explained what it did to achieve this results.

    Do you think it would be interesting ?


    Traian Trante

    for me at hard difficulty it was: 1900: banckrupt. 1950: banckrupt, 2000: banckrupt.


    I know its been a while since this challenge was created. Unfortunately I too went bankrupt before 1900.


    I arrived at 1900 with little more than 50 millions and an annual income of around 3 millions.

    I started by setting up cargo lines connecting some industries with more than one city (I now have three industries around 100 production near Pizzirrino, Poppiti and Ostiano) and they constitute the bulk of my income.

    I then started to connect cities with busses and later replaced those lines with railways. I now have three lines with 3-4 cities each (Giglio-Barricella, Barricella-Ronzone, Pizzirrino-Poppiti) and will connect more cities later. I could have connected more if I run time slower. These lines generate an healty amount of profit (up to 500K each).

    I also created 1-2 bus intra-city lines. They run at small losses, but they feed my train network well.

    My most popolous cities are Pizzirrino and Tinnura with 450 people.



    I am now at 1950, 250 millions and an annual income of 10 millions.

    I basically update all cargo routes with new trucks (and sold the surplus trucks) and connected all cities with train lines. I basically have 5 main rail lines, each one connecting 3-4 cities with 2-3 trains and a frequency of 5 minutes. They are generating from 0.5 to 1.5 million profits. One is in the middle (Barricella-Giglio), the I have thre lines on the west (Pazzirrino-Poppiti, Giglio-Pitigliano, Giglio Bulzi), one in the east and two in the south.

    All cities have intra-city busses, all operating around 60-90s frequency and most generate a 30-50K loss.

    Cargo lines are by truck and all in the positive with two generating 1.5M each.

    City growth has been mostly linear: I now have 5 cities above 500 with Pazzirrino at 700 being the largest city. The only city that is now growing fast is Giglio which is connected to 3 rail lines. I wonder if it is beneficial to have a more intricate network (e.g. allowing each city to be connected directy to all its neighbors).


    Finally year 2000, but I could not manage to break 1 billion. I stopped at little less than 900 millions.

    I did not do much in the last 50 years apart updating my vehicles and tweaking some intra-city lines and redesigned some train lines (more straight with some tunnels to benefit from added speed… I wish I had done it from the beginning but at that time I had little cash). Finally with the 25 passenger bus, even intra city lines start to become profitable. However, I do get only about 80% usage (it goes up withmore busses, but this would generate additionan losses) and start to see a bunch of private traffic.

    Do you also get the impression than once lines are laid, the game is pretty limited to update vehicles or do you change line configurations with the passing of time ? If the latter, what changes you bring in your network ?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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