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    I hoped that I get a bit more realistic track layout (and only the PBS from OpenTTD). So that if I build a signal before junction (2 tracks instead of 1), the train will take any of them and I don’t have to care about it if I have some trains slower and some faster. Now I have to plan to let slower trains go by always one way with waypoint, which does not seem as a big problem, until you have really a complex network with many branches. Of course then maybe the game crashes:-). Current situation, if I get it now well, is in some ways simple, you have much more order, but then it would go better with timetables (which I don’t know, if I would enjoy here, even though I like it in CiM 2).

    But I have to play with that a bit and we will see.


    Ok, let’s not discuss about benefits of one or other signalling system. I have simple question, because after checking again your guide I am even more confussed but have 2 particular questions:


    1) Do you know what for the one-way signal is for then? I thought that it means that the track is one-way like one-way road, so no train ever will go the other way (like it would normally ignore the signal, because it is not for this direction).

    If so, then I don’t understand your warning on the explanation of double tracks layout – why should I NOT use one-way signals there? It should be the same (so no reason to use them, but no problem to use them).


    2) In your second video about double layout, you put only two signals in each direction on all the track, because you have only 2 trains on that line, right? If you would have 3, you would need to segment it into more blocks between the junctions in front of stations…



    1) When you set a signal to one-way it means the trains are forbidden to cross the signal in the opposite direction.

    I usually don’t use one-way signals, as using two normal signals, one in each track will automatically make the path finding goes one direction and back another direction. One-way is only if you really want to forbid a train coming the opposite direction. Kind of useless with waypoints.
    Sometimes the train ignores the path when you send it to depot for example. In this case, one-way signals are useful.

    2) Yes exactly. If you have more trains is wise to divide in more blocks. The smallest blocks will allow more and more train, stopping and waiting less.
    Problem with too many signals is that it doesn’t avoid trains being too close to one another, which is case of passengers is a big problem. Signals help to sync trains, to make them for far apart and thus more synchronized.




    Btw. for other tips, not only that M, N keys when building roads are useful, but also what is good to know is that when you for road lines click on the station icon instead of the station shelter on road, game balances automatically, where to put the line according to current usage for the grouped stations. So if you have BUS station at the beginning of intersection from different angles, and you click on icon, the usage of particular stops can switch, when you add another line to this station.


    Will this be updated for the final TF update when it comes out? Alot of the information here is still current, but lacks a few newer features like the new cargo capacity type system.


    What are the differences between Playing “Easy” and “Medium” and “Hard”. Is it just a costing thing? If so by what amount and is it to purchase, maintenance of both and by what percentage?

    Thanks, Roland.


    When this game will reach at least level of Transport tycoon deluxe?Im very dissapointed….Especially when trains can be used only for passengers (at least some efficiency) and industry?Bad joke so far.I hope guys u will keep working on some general super update or this project is just waste of time.


    Thank you for taking the time to do this. It looks like it was a labor of love.




Viewing 8 posts - 76 through 83 (of 83 total)
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