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    I know this probably wont get answered by developers  but just curious , Do you guys think that game did good financially . What are your guys forecasts about the game’s finance.

    Why am i asking this?

    Because i love this game and wanna make sure that devs get enough financial support for them to invest more time tweaking and polishing it and later in future add more demanded content as DLC.


    Well, the peak in the nr of players at the same time was 2844 according to the statistics: So we know that at least nearly 3000 copies have been sold. Given the price per copy and having a clue about costs and salaries in Switzerland, I would say that this is enough to pay a junior dev for max 6 months. So I surely hope they sold a lot more because I too enjoy the game 🙂



    It was placed between place 6 and 8 in the pre-order charts, even before Sid meiers galactic civilizations, so I think, it was very sucessful.


    I think there might be a good numbers of sales in germany . I don’t know but i think atleast 50,000 copies should be sold for devs to make something out of this (is it too much ?) . I have no idea about game buisness ,I am just throwing numbers.

    50,000 copies *20$(lets hope they make at least that much from 1 game)-1,000,000.


    A good way to view it , is via Steamcharts.

    So approx 3k copies have been SOLD and PLAYED WITH. That’s not counting sold copies that haven’t launched the game yet or maybe not gotten it in mail etc.

    3k ain’t shabby for day 2, from a indie dev and for a Tycoon/Sim game. It’ll rise over time, and even more so if YouTube stars pick it up and do Lets Plays, and then its gonna be a flock of people!

    TL;DR A success


    I just hope that they are financially successful , so that we can have a long term successful game.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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