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    Hey guy, I’ve been looking around for another train strategy game much like sids meiers railroad and RRT, and came across this.  I have to ask because every railroad game that comes around has a limit to the length of the train.  We all know trains can be upto and more then a mile sometimes with multiple engines pulling the consist.  So I was wondering if we are going to see this implemented in game. very long freight trains with option to have multiple engines pulling and pushing?

    If mods are able to be done with new engines, new cars for the consist please dont hardcode the length of trains!

    Also will we see actual train disasters; such as a train jumping the tracks or  running a red signal and running into another train?

    Will trains actually stop and wait for others to pass on the main if there is a double track or signal ahead?  I hated how RRT would have the trains turn transparent and trains pass through them, sid meiers  did it right by having trains actually wait for others to pass before switching onto the main or another track for that matter.



    Currently we’re not having a limit for the train length. But it seams so that we’re going to include it. Infinite trains disturb the game mechanics and could break the experience. The train stations aren’t expendable in length, so a train does take up some time to load/unload if it’s longer than usual.

    I’m personally annoyed about the disasters in tycoon games, but they’re a part of it.

    Trains will not pass through each other.


    Understood, I just hope you guys dont hardcode it so a modder would be able to change it, also will we be able to attach more then 1 loco?


    also will we be able to attach more then 1 loco?

    As I know – yes, I asked about it in this thread:

    And here is reply:

    3. Yes, it’s possible to add more than one locomotive to increase the power of a train.


    About lenght of trains. IRL limit of lenght and mass of trains – it’s rails, bridges, maximum load on the coupling of cars. And, of course, power of locomotives, but with multiple unit it goes by the wayside.

    In game… Don’t know, I think, in game don’t really need trains with 25+ cars. But, you know, tycoon-players love so loooong trains… 😀


    “I’m personally annoyed about the disasters in tycoon games…”

    Me too, totally agree, I don’t see the necessity for it.



    It’s reality; trains do crash. I have yet to see a game ( with the exception of RRT) actually have a train wreck/ com flying off the tracks, slamming into a car, or another train.  Being realistic and would damage your economic growth. It costs alot to clear a wreck, incidental death disasters.   Could all be caused by perhaps frozen switches in the cold, or the signal system just failing and letting a train through when it supposed to be at danger.


    Other question would be mod tools, Would they be released or would players have and ability to add their own engines/ cars?  30 is nice, but there are so many other engines. I love the Berkshires, KK4, streamliners, Trains of Germany, England, Russia.. etc.  Unfortunatly I lack skills to mod but It’s always awesome to see other peoples work.


    As per train length I dont see a reason for it to be above 50. ( though Im still against hardcoding it)  The time it takes in the yard is just part of assembling the train together when there is a lack of a classification yard etc.. would be sweet to see a game incorperate shunting. Would bring a whole new meaning to controling your empire and trains on time.


    I hate to double post, but I can’t edit my last.

    I’d love if a railroad business sim would go all out into the dynamics of railroading..  as in when a train pulls into a station, as the train loads it would either A) the loco switches on the track ahead decoupling from the rest reverses switches back onto the track the loading train is  buffers up couples and pulls the train with the engine going in reverse. B) a turntable so Locos could change directions and switch back onto the main and buffer up back to the other end facing the proper direction. C) go into a loop track and then reverse to buffer up.   D) actually have a classification yard with a shunter engine that assembles trains to go out onto the main line when you purchase a train and cars.

    It would yes change the game dynamics to a degree.. I honestly think it would make the game a bit more difficult as you would have to work around the workings of actual train movement. Hence the reason for signals.  For loading of a train I loved meier’s Railroads for actually showing loading of rail cars from industry.   All A dream I know.. =/ perhaps one day.. one day..


    Mikael, that’s really upsetting that stations won’t be expandable. I’m understanding of the game having limits on train size, but I think many people would like the ability to customize the size and feel of stations.


    The other question was regarding modding.  Will the community be supported for mods?  Custom locomotives, train cars etc?


    And as to the stations.. i understand not in length but how many tracks would be be able to run through 1 stations where the train can stop to drop off cargo or passengers?


    About modding you can read on last update:

    In any case, we plan to support modding (adding user-created vehicles)




    Will it be possible to switch disasters and accidents off?


    In terms of the train consist, will we be able to vary the consist and assemble one that is suitable for our routing as we see fit?


    Sweet deal.. now i just have to hope that multiplayer does come out not too long after release to be able to get my friends to buy it and play games with each other…one thing they and I have in common is playing games.. but all of them are modded in some which way….  really hope to see american train loco’s cars’ and more german DRG’s..  Steam workshop would be a cool integration.


    Ok, there is no info in train details window about length. But we have length of platform.


    Need to be consistent


    The longest train I ever used so far is 4 cars length (3 trains on the line). It feeds raw mats into a factory that supplies 3 or 4 towns. It fits into the small station well enough. Because of the demand simulation as it is I am not sure I feel the need for very long trains – if the distance is long you need more trains for frequency anyway so it’s not like you build 1 very long one that goes around once per year.

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