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    It’s not rare that you’ll see your trains spend time for staying at station platform for loading and unloading even longer than driving on the rail, especially you have attached many cars (over 160 capacity?) to locomotive.

    I don’t think it is realistic and/or fun, especially passenger cars. because passenger cars have at least two doors per car, so loading/unloading speed should be twice per cars attached on that train.

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    +1 , agreement. Some wagons like compartment car describes that it has 2 doors so that passengers can enter and exit simulatenously, but loading and unloading is same


    Don’t forget also, at least in the UK, they also had hopper wagons which would either tip to one side or have a hatch in the bottom that opened for the open wagons…

    Possible solution: Give each wagon/carriage a “load/unload speed”, default value of 1, which is the steps the loading and unloading ticker jumps up or down by per “tick”. In addition, for passengers, you further multiply that by the number of passenger carriages in the train… since those passengers would be getting in and out by multiple doors at a time.

    You could, even, limit the number of carriages allowed at any one station by giving each length of platform a maximum value, so the short 160m platform would only allow (for example) 6 carriages, so only 6 would be counted towards helping the ticker speed, any more would be “lost” during that stop for that purpose.

    The carriage speed would probably be averaged when you add/remove rolling stock in the depot and the number of carriages would be updated then too, so it wouldn’t require much maths during the actual loading phase, so wouldn’t impact too heavily on the game. A similar system could be used for buses and trams but, obviously, you wouldn’t need a number of carriages, so the number of doors would be the only factor there (the larger articulated buses would be treated as one unit).



    Yea, thats a other issue. Cargo stations dont look like passanger station in real life. Well, they maybe did in the 1900-century, but not today. A normal bulk cargo station let the train pass in low speed (like 3-4 km/h) and load the wagons after each other.
    I would rather have a cargo station that is only one wagon long and where the train just pass and fills (or emtys). Where i live this is kind of a standard for everything from wood chiping to grain and iron ore. Can build 2 or 3 sections to increas the speed of the train. Say 2km/h with one section 4 with 2 and so on.

    Pallet cargo work very differently with train building and so on… It kind of don’t work at all in a game like tranfever. So i think pallet and container train sould be loaded in a similar way that bulk cargo. Having a 250 meter long cargo station is just strange.


    mats: while I agree for wagons, goods trains would stop and be (un)loaded, I think, possibly with forklifts.

    Would be very cool to have hopper loading and unloading in Train Fever 2, but I think it may be a bit hard to do with this version. You would certainly need to leave enough room to allow the train not to hit any signals while doing so.

    Perhaps this was considered the easier option, given that the alternative would probably end up with a longer “station” to cover the full length of the train as it passed under the loading hopper, while still allowing the pathing to function correctly?


    Where did you change the (un)loading speed?

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    There has been an update which fixed this issue. Just buy the game and steam should automatically update to the latest version. Or look for an newer version on the pirate bay…


    I haven’t any issues, but I want to make some trains wait longer.
    But I already figured out how to do that.

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