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    So, in the theme about the size of the map you said that in initial release it would be rather bigger. And, if we have the big map, and we need to deliver smth very quickly, neither trucks nor trains will help us. So, are you going to include helicopters/little planes as DLC?


    In the first release and the first DLC we’re not going to add planes or helicopters. It could be possible to be added in a late DLC. Our main focus is to give the players an innovative and userfriendly train tycoon.



    I play many of these types of games (Locomotion being my favorite) and I will admit that I rarely use air.  I really like the Dirigibles that appear in the early years and maybe futuristic Airships, but the planes and helicopters don’t do much for me.

    However, consider a future UPS (or FedEx or DHL) DLC (have them sponsor it?) that provides overnight express trains that meet up with UPS cargo planes, to bring containers of parcels to UPS distribution centers to be delivered by UPS trucks the next day.  The challenge is to build the infrastructure in such a way that overnight delivery is guaranteed!  Now I would use air.

    Thanks, Richard





    Totally support the idea of adding planes, helicopters, boats, ships including airfields and docks, helipads. That would be great. The focus should be on trains though, maybe adding some more things from Transport Tycoon:

    Making your own (upgradable) Head Quarters, including a profile of you as a transport manager, and competition.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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