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    As the title asks. Seriously, unless I’ve missed something, they don’t seem to do anything except sit there.


    I wonder the same.


    Yes, I’d like to know the same as well but the devs decided not to explain how the game works to us so we can guess. Yeah real good strategy for an upcoming gaming company to do with their very first game release. Not good for their reputation IMO. I just hope they make good and fix what is needed and add what isn’t there but should have been in the first place. One instance in general I don’t like at all is the track crossings. The tram tracks cross each other all kinds of ways and looks correct, so why couldn’t they do more for rail track crossing? What we have now in the most minimal they can get. All over the world tracks cross in many more ways than what is in this game so this is something that needs attention. We’ll see what they do about it but I have a bad feeling they’re not going to change it, sorry to say and hope I’m wrong because the game has major potential. If they don’t make good it looks like this game will go on the shelf next to the other s*** games and I’ll never buy another title from them again.


    Originally I believe the game was supposed to entail you been a character in charge of a company and you would improve upon you characters skills over time, providing bonuses for you transport empire. There was a page on the website but it is gone now. I believe that part of the game couldn’t be finished in time for release but I am sure it will be added in later.

    The RedKing

    I agree with Joshbm. I realy think the game just needed to get released, although it wasn’t finished yet. I got the feeling that only the must-haves were implemented so the game could be released.

    What we can see now, is that they continue finishing the game for us:

    1. First tackle all crashes so every customer can at least play the game
    2. Then add some critical functions to have a completely working gameplay
    3. Concentrate on the performance so customers can play longer and smoother
    4. Add features to make playing more fun and upgrade the game in general.

    The fourth step will continue for as long as they get new customers and/or generate enough income by DLC I guess. Or until they start a new project…..

    At least, this is the way I would do it (other than perhaps not releasing the game so early if this was only half possible)


    You could measure your XP number with the others and wank yourself. :-]

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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