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    Anyone tested and know what is the line configuration in following 5 examples.

    Let say that we have a double track layout which connects  6 cities in a circular line… so city A, B, C, D, E, F … each line of course have multiple trains or whatever no. it needs for good frequency

    config 1:  Just One line going from A to F and then back from F to A (stopping in each city)

    config 2: Two lines going in circles, one going from A-B-C-D-E-F and second one going in opposite way A-F-E-D-C-B

    config 3: 6 lines each connecting  city to city (A-B,B-C,C-D,D-E,E-F,F-A)

    config 4: Three shorter lines:  A-B-C,   C-D-E,   E-F-A

    or maybe 5 mix lines config 5: A-B-C,  B-C-D, C-D-E, D-E-F, E-F-A

    The most realistic is config 1 or config 2, but I’d like to know if there is any noticeable difference between various setups.


    well , the real probleme is to see if AI can take more than 1 train line for the same trip

    i always chose the ABCDEF/AFEDCB version (exept for High speed line with TGV ) , easy to set , no risk of trafic jam , etc



    The passengers can take more than 1 train for the same trip, however at every line change they will also add the waiting time to the total trip time. I’ve had most success with the config 1. It allows you to put all your trains to the same line which keeps the frequency low enough for the people to use also the local traffic in the towns. I try to keep the main train line frequency at 5 minutes or less and the local transport frequency at less than 2.5 mins.


    Old topic, but kinda the same what I’m trying to figure out. Just started playing this game a couple days ago, and can’t understand- I’ve created A-B-C-D connection, (the railway is connected in a circle, so the train can go home from D to A without going back to C and B). The problem is, that the train doesn’t pick up all the waiting passengers (though it says that they are waiting in the station for this particular line), also when the train reaches C station, he goes back to B, then goes to C again, and only then goes to D-A. Why’s that and how to solve it?


    I have found that the best system is a simple out and back.

    If you have say four cites (in roughly a straight line) A, B, C & D, build a direct double track line to serve each of them as directly and by the shortest route possible.  Then map the line as A>B>C>D>C>B (the trains will go back to A from B, so no need to map it).   Build your lines to serve as many cities as possible that lie in roughly in alignment, they will attract the maximum number of passengers.

    Circular line don’t work that well in either real life, or Train Fever!


    simple is always the best

    so simple ligne point to point


    At first, and most of case, it’s certain omnibus wins.

    When you get bigger city, you will get more than one station in the same city, then you have choice to make express between cities, it works well to.

    Third, I made some loop lines between big close cities, it doesn’t earn well but helps on your traffic.

    Last, make a omnibus loop at the end of express line in big cities which has some station is a super solution: you get better traffic, and you reduced the platform occupying time since there’s no train rebond.

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