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    I’v got some questions about locomotives.

    Will trains finally become obsolete when time goes by? What will be the mechanics? Will my trains grow old and become more prone to failure? Will there be accidents?

    Will there be some possibility to upgrade old engines? Like adding a superheater and stuff? In reality, several locomotives were upgraded to increase power or lower fuel consumption.


    Yes they’ll have all of these features (not sure about the upgrades to improve performance though).


    i will like to have the option to have the trains all the time
    so onces the train is able for buying you will always be able to buy it(should be a option before making the map

    thats something “unmodded” TTD or Locomotion should have but did not

    so i can still buy the oldest stream trains in like year 2050 Not buying a train from year 2000 in year 1900
    i know that is not realistic but sometimes if a game is too realistic is loses also all the fun

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    I dont know what stream trains are. But steam trains, wouldnt really be practical to have the old stuff as people would just use there cars in the modern era anyways then use slow moving trains and horses.


    I don’t know if they will physically become obsolete and vanish from the train purchase list (I hope so), but you will definitely want to replace them over time because of higher speeds and the fact that the running costs increase drastically once they go over their lifetime expectancy.


    From what I’ve seen on videos, as trains grow older they do indeed vanish from the purchase list.

    The upgrades sounds like a very interesting idea for a mod, I might have to take a look at that. Failures would also be interesting, if it’s not something that ships with the base game.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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