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    I’m playing now 130+ hours of Train Fever and still having a blast! Great game!

    But to be honest, I’m getting a little tired of the never-ending upgrade troubles. I’m playing on a large map with large interconnected networks, and upgrades are getting very cumbersome. I hope the entirety of upgrade procedures will be re-looked at, and streamlined for smoother working and nicer experience:

    • upgrading tracks to high speed (no more delete and replace)
    • electrifying tracks (especially the “track busy” problem)
    • upgrading stations (in stead of destroying them, and hopeful being able to rebuild the bigger one)
    • upgrade of roads to bigger/wider (with less restrictive problems like too narrow,…)
    • upgrade of roads with working bus lanes (did never got them to work properly)
    • upgrade of roads with tram track (catenary is missing… just eye candy but hey!)
    • upgrade of bridges (eg wooden to stone or metal, now not yet possible, and is just eye candy)
    • upgrade of bus and tram stations (and have them work correctly, especially when using “wait until full”)
    • upgrade of signals (semaphores to day light signals, and have the show the aspect,… is just eye candy)
    • upgrade of vehicles (the procedure to semi-auto send them to depot and replace them)
    • visual upgrade of industry when production increases or era changes (this is just eye candy)
    • have the dirt road available until the end of game (no forced upgrade, asphalted country road are added)

    I enjoy the game a lot, and hope developers will continue their effort to make this game even better.


    what also would be nice are dual use stations. so passengers and cargo at the same station. it would help boost profits


    I put passenger and cargo staions very tiight next to each other using the n/m keys but the cargo station has to be rotated 180 degree, then I give it a road and then that road uses underpasses so the cargo get into city.

    Then both these stations total of 10 tracks just merge at both ends into a 2 or 4 track main-line depending on needs.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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