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    Hi everyone,

    I know that there is a couple of threads about functionality that people want for the game. However I was hoping that the developers could either use one of them or create an official wishlist thread. Then they perhaps could read in it, give some feedback and take a couple of the brilliant ideas the users come up with. To keep the thread a bit clean of spam I would suggest that it’s not open for discussions, just serious wishes.

    Personally I have six things I’d like to see in the game in a not to distant future.

    1. Better path finding system. Trains should be able to pick first available track at a station or along a multi track route. To prevent trains from ending up nose to nose along the routes you can simply use one way signals to steer the trains onto a one way track. If it works good two trains should even be able to drive at the same time on two separate tracks connected with a switch, passing the switch, as long as their chosen path doesn’t take them onto the other trains track. Have a look at path finding system of OpenTTD to see what I mean. It would be a major improvement for rail networks and also a bit more realistic.

    2. Animated signals. Haven’t played for that long but I do find it disturbing that the signals always shows the same, no matter if there is a train or not. Even the buses turn their wheels when turning on the road so animated signals should be fairly easy.

    3. Game Over! It should be Game Over if the account shows minus for a couple of years and you are unable to solve it via selling trains. Actually since all trains, buses, trucks and so on has a value it should be fairly ease to calculate a company value based in the value of things you can sell and the money on the account. If that stays below zero for a couple of years. Declare the company bankrupt and say Game Over for the player.

    4. Consequence of too old vehicles. Might have missed something but as far as I can tell there is no consequence at all of letting your 100 year old train going. How about a little breakdown every now and then for vehicles that are older than their expected lifetime. With that they would eventually cost money for your company and you’d want to replace them rather quickly.

    5. Multiplayer, both as co-op and against each other. And let the players host servers if they want to.

    6. AI companies. How about some competition from other companies? Of course an optional setting in the difficulty settings.

    That’s all I wish to make this game rather perfect 🙂


    Old vehicles start costing more to maintain after their lifetime has been reached.


    Would be nice to see optional AI companies and animated signals, as well as empty / full open wagons

    Dont think there’s any need for game over, you as the player should decide if the current game isn’t going your way and start over


    The game is ‘playable’ but i find it more in a ‘late alpha’ state than beta or release. I love the detail when zoomed in. But indeed, important things are missing. Waypoints, pathfinding .. This game is based on a procedural city engine project.


    I’ve resolved to treat it as a miniature trainset with tiny animated people and this has given me a newfound level of enjoyment as a trainspotter. It stops me going aggro over pathfinding issues or lack of waypoints and track building woes. It’s actually very calming, idyllic even.


    I second the

    “6. AI companies. How about some competition from other companies? Of course an optional setting in the difficulty settings.” idea. In fact, from what I’ve read (haven’t tried the game yet) I would personally love it if the Business side of the game was expanded to work closer to how Railroad Tycoon II & III did, with stock trading, issuing bonds, taking over AI companies, it made you feel like you were indeed the CEO (and maybe owner) of a railroad company. Which is something most newer railroad games lack.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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