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Please find below frequently asked questions about mods in general and about the Train Fever modding system (introduced on February 27, 2015).

What is a mod?

Mod is an abbreviation for modification and therefore, mods modify or extend a game. Typical examples in the context of Train Fever are new vehicles which are added to the game or a new look and feel (textures) for the game’s terrain. However, there are countless other mods available which modify the game in different ways.

Where can I find mods?

Mods can be found on various fan sites. Two great sites are (English and German) and (Russian).

At these sites you can look for mods and typically download mods as (zip) archives.

How can I install a mod?

Download the mod (zip) archive and store it at a place of your choice. To install the mod, we suggest to use one of the following available mod managers (make sure you run the latest versions):

Train Fever Game Manager (TFGM)
Train Fever Mod Manager (TFMM)

Mods can also be installed manually. If you prefer this way, just extract the (zip) archive into the Train Fever mod folder which usually is located here:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Train Fever\mods”

Make sure that the mod has its own folder inside the “..\mods” folder (usually the zip archive already contains this folder).

How can I enable a mod?

Start Train Fever and go to the new game page. Switch to the “Advanced” tab and there you should see the installed mods. To enable a mod, move it from the “Available mods” (left) to the “Active mods” (right). After starting the game the active mods will then be “coupled” to the game. If you save and reload the game later the active mods will automatically be enabled again.

It’s also possible to add mods to existing save games (enable additional mods for a save game). However, because some mods modify game resources in a critical way, doing this can lead to unexpected behavior or even game crashes. Nevertheless adding mods to existing save games is needed in some cases.

I’m using mods in the “old way”, how can I switch to new modding system?

If you installed mods in the old way (copied files in the game’s “/res” folder), we highly recommend to clean the installation.

To do so, please first delete the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Train Fever\res” folder and second run the “Verify” option in the Steam client (Steam Client -> Train Fever -> Properties -> Local Files -> “Verify Integrity of Game Cache”).

Once this is done you can re-install the mods in the new way.

Finally, if you have save games which are dependent on previously installed mods, you need to activate the mods for these save games. This last step is crucial, if you don’t make it, your old save games may crash when loading. Therefore, before cleaning the installation, you should be aware of which mods you have installed so that you can re-install and add these mods to your save games afterwards.

What is the advantage of the new modding system?

Clean mod installation and uninstallation: Because each mod is located in its own folder now, mods can be installed and uninstalled independently of the game’s base resource and other mods now. With the old way of modding, mods were copied into the game’s main resource folder and existing / other files were overridden.

Game updates no longer destroy mods: Each time a new version of Train Fever is available, Steam will update game resources. Prior to the new modding system, resources of mods were overridden then and as a consequence, certain mods were destroyed.

Save games remember mods: Multiple games with different active mods can be played now without changing the mod installation. Because save games remember the active mods, installing new mods will no longer destroy save games (they simply ignore new mods as long as they are not activated for the save game).

More modding possibilities: A bunch of new (script) modding features has been added with the new modding system. For example, a mod which sets all costs to zero (i.e. a sandbox mode) can now be implemented with a simple script instead of copying all vehicle resources. The new system is much more powerful and mods can be implemented in a cleaner way.

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  2. Great article!

    Will there be a graphic tool? To allow easy implementation of buildings (industry, houses, etc) in the game? And animate industry, like a coal plant where you can see a moving conveyor belt?

  3. wie kann ich die grafikeinstellungen umstellen? jedes mal wenn ich train fever starte, kann ich keine optionen mehr auswählen. ich konnte 1x die grafikauflösung auf 25xx x 1440 stellen, dabei sehe ich aber ingame keine menüs mehr zum bauen etc. wie stelle ich nun die grafik wieder auf 1920x 1080? ESC usw helfen irgendfwie auch nichts. ich komme aus keinem gewähltem menü mehr zurück auf den startbildschirm…..
    warum werden solche auflkösungen angeboten, die grösser sind als meine monitorauflösung, wenn sie dann eh nicht funktionieren….

  4. Hey Guys!
    Do you know why people or wares are leaving my vehicles while driving?
    Thx for answers,

    Hey Leute!
    Wisst ihr, warum Personen oder Waren während der Fahrt aus den Fahrzeugen (Zug, Bus, LKW)
    verschwinden? Ist mir schon mehrfach passiert…
    Danke für viele Antworten,

    • Die Personen und Waren steigen nur ein, wenn es rein rechnerisch möglich ist, innerhalb von 20 Minuten (Echtzeit) von Start (z.B.Wohnhaus) zu Ziel (z.B. Arbeitsplatz) zu kommen. Falls durch Staus oder Verspätungen diese Zeit abläuft, dann sind die Sims und Waren cleverer als wir im RL. Die sitzen es nicht aus und ärgern sich – nein, sie verschwinden einfach 😉

      • Personen oder Güter verschwinden in dem Moment in dem das Zielgebäude abgerissen wird oder ein Update bekommt.
        MfG Grimes

  5. Train Fever purchased through Steam. No sliders on any page. Unable to allocate trains; trams etc. to lines after a dozen entries, as I cannot slide down to line number. How do I fix?

  6. hii I have NVidia gforce 9400gt 1gb , core 2 duo, 2gb ram, but I am note able to run train fever why andy body have answer ?

    • Hello!

      Can you provide more details about your Operating System and describe at what stage and in what way the game does not work / run (loading / generating a new world / …)?

      Thank you!

  7. Dear I have the notebook config described below. When starting game Train Fever I am getting the message to update my graphics card driver. Could you advice if I have to go to Nvidia or you can provide me with respective driver or can this game be played on my system at all?
    Many thanks

    HP Pavillion Entertainment PC
    Windows Home Premium 7
    Service Pack 1
    Intel Core 2 T5500 @ 1.66 Mhz
    RAM 2 GB
    32 bit system
    Video card: Nvidia GEFORCE GO 7400

    • Hi Sebastian!

      In some cases the Operating System is able to update the drivers to the latest version by itself, but the most reliable way is to get them directly from the graphics card manufacturer. So the Nvidia homepage is the right place to go!

      Unfortunately I also have to point out, that your graphics card does not support the OpenGL Version (3.2.) needed for Train Fever to run reliable.


  8. Hi!
    I can’t slide down on the pages, because I don’t have a normal mouse. With the keyboard may not be scroll down?

  9. I have mistakenly changed graphic settings. When game loads the screen game menus’ don’t appear therefore I cannot reset the settings.
    Can anyone advise how I can resolve this problem.

    • Just press ALT + Return to change to windowed mode and ALT + Return again to change back to full screen. This will reset the game to your native resolution.

      • Hi there!

        This process does not work on OSX (10.10.5). Is there another keybind for this?

  10. To whom it may concern,

    When you first brought out Train Fever a few of us were very sceptical the reason being we expected this just another game been revamped like roller coaster ride, but instead it proved to be much more than a game revamped once you started playing Train Fever it was not very easy to stop playing the game.

    My only problem so far with the game is Nordic DLC cannot seem to download it and when I do download it is saying that there is an error in the program, is there any suggestions or anything that you can help me with please so I may also play Nordic DLC.
    And this new game is anything to go by train fever then we cannot wait to play this game.

    And also TFMM I am having I’m having trouble downloading these as well all the help and advice you can give me would be much appreciated.

    Thank you for your time in this matter.

    Terry Creed.

  11. You have the issue firain fever .why I will never quit the game into the new pop-up dialog box? This is why? Hope to solve

  12. Very good Jon, I like train fever. But, yes, mod available via steam like “cities skyline” can improve the success of the game.
    An other point is that it is a little bit difficult to begin with the game, so, a lot of customers can be disappointed.

  13. Hello!

    I´m thinking of buying this game. But there is something I´m not sure about. There is nowhere clearly described if the game i am buying from your website is compatible to my Mac OS X El Capitan. (I´m not logged in to Steam, and I don´t really want to do be it too.) There is something about Mac compatibility, but does that mean the game is working on my Mac? If there is something else I need to know I´d like to know that too 🙂

    Thank you for your response!

    • This maybe is the wrong place to ask this question, but hopefully i´ll get an answer.. 🙂

  14. I don`t want to play with mods, so I disabled all of them. But somehow my game still says that I can’t get achievments because some mods are used… Where can I disable all of them? Or what to I have to do i order to achieve achievments?

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