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I uploaded a new savegame in which you can see the broken lines, if you want:

The savegame should be positioned right upon “Amselweg” that is affected.

What I noticed additionally, meanwhile (cause I built a new line in Eccleshall and now the chaos grew up to perfection 😀 ):

  • Replacing the bus stops seems to be not necessary
  • Removing the station from the line’s timetable and re-inserting does different stuff each time – sometimes it solves the issue immediately, sometimes a few tries are necessary
  • The line’s rerouting order (when removing/reinserting an affected station) seems to be:
  1. The line draws an additional route part to fulfill the new requirements (the line route around the changed station is now doubled)
  2. The collateral line breaks or fixes at one of its stations
  3. The original line removes its old route part