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Thanks, guys!

Tried your suggestion, Fuji, but no luck so far. Not a very dignified solution and if it will work wouldn’t that be a flaw in the program… When i first met with this tremendous traffic jam i noticed that the main culprits came from another town. I *did* demolise just a short piece of road and that took care of it.

Yes, two towns have grown considerably and i have LOTS of bus stops already… Remarkable thing is that the tram lines do work perfectly. Always full. But these lines are much shorter than the bus lines. Could that have anything to do with it ?

I have just cleared all of the bus lines in the biggest city and put 2 shorter ones back, one from the train station(sometimes more than 100 pax on the platform) to homes/leisure and one to the industrial area. The first one picks up only a few pax back and forth, the second one is much better but not exactly full neither. This city didn’t have a tram line yet. Set it up from the station along the main street with 5 stops to the outskirts. Just about immidiately pax fill up the stops so i let a second tram run too. Big success!

The bus lines finance still in the red after a year or so although they keep picking up a few people. That’s more than before…

Didn’t know there are bus lanes inplemented in the sim. Great ! ( wàs thinking about that when seeing buses/trams stuck in traffic jams) I haven’t build any of the super roads yet, just medium roads. Tried to upgrade roads in the cities but there’s a lot in the way, i suppose you have to demolish first but than you’d be left with only half of the city…

Didn’t try buses/trams from one city to another neither just yet… When you have a couple of trains running would that really be profitable ??…..  Or is it like you have either a railway OR a bus/tram line running between cities ?..

Thanks very much for your views/tips/suggestions, gents. Highly appreciated !